Commelina benghalensis can be an annual or perennial herb. . soybeans, cotton, maize, sugarcane, cassava, peanuts, pineapples, cowpeas. While studying the fate of Commelina benghalensis L. after simulated rumen digestion, The seed produces a bread similar to corn bread, with a cocoa flavor . Zea mays (maize). Description. C. benghalensis belongs to a family with species with distinct characteristics. C. benghalensis has creeping stems.

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All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The incredible growth in the presence of Commelina benghalensis in the south-eastern United States since the mid ‘s has been associated with a number of drastic changes in cropping systems. Dayflower and spangle top survey in the Texas rice belt. Impact of Tillage and Hervicides on Fommelina Spiderwort. Hence this is an especially useful character when looking at vegetative material.

However, when grown in monoculture, B. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of competition mqize transgenic maize and five weed species on the growth and yield of transgenic maize hybrid.

However, Walker and Evenson a, b concluded that the aerial seeds were the more important in Queensland, Australia. Go to distribution map Lutte contre les adventices dans les champs de manioc.

South African Sugar Association, Survey, identification and host-parasite relationships of root-knot nematodes occurring in some parts of the Phillippines. Mauze benghalensis is listed as one bengalensis the world’s worst weeds, affecting 25 crops in 29 countries Webster et al. Through the analysis of growth, the following physiological indices were measured for the weeds: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Commelina benghalensis can be an annual or perennial herb.


There are two anterior cells which are two-ovuled. Seed dormancy, germination and emergence.

This may have favored commelins recovery of the former after the second mowing. In India and the Philippines the weed is used for food during famine periods.

Weed interference on growth and yield of transgenic maize

Carson, ; Holm et al. In the greenhouse, preliminary tests were performed for plant emergence to determine the time required for the emergence of each species and, thus, plant them to obtain simultaneous emergence. Arable weeds of Zimbabwe. This faster cycle is an important tool for infestation of the area, although B. Le Bourgeois and Marnotte emphasise the need to control the weed when young but also list commeluna new herbicides under test in maize.

The period of interference between the corn plant and the weeds was 58 days, i.

Weed interference on growth and yield of transgenic maize 1. Le Bourgeois T; Marnotte P, Chemical control of weeds in groundnut.

Elongation may occur to increase plant height induced by competition of light Karimmojeni et al. Impact Top of page The economic importance of C. In both it native range and areas where it has been introduced it is usually considered a weed, sometimes a serious one.

However, competition affected the development of the species C. It is equally abundant on all soil types and pH; grows in a wide range of habitats, varying from water-saturated to dry soils; grows rapidly and forms dense mats at the nodes under optimum conditions. Title Flowers and leaves Caption Flowers are subtended by bracts with their edges fused to a length of about 10 mm to form a flattened funnel-shaped spathe, 1.

Developing flowers are covered in mucilaginous spathes. The androecium male organ has six stamensof which only three are fertile. However, the use of mowings proved ineffective for the control of C. Different components of C. Thinning was performed at five days after the emergence of the plants.


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In China it is commonly associated with wet locations. The seeds were collected genghalensis the moment the weed seeds were released until corn was at full bloom. It is reported as a serious and troublesome weed in most arable crops in the Eastern and Southern African countries, but only sporadically in the Americas. One of the factors that negatively affect the yield of maize is weed interference, whereby weeds may directly compete with crops for nutrients, water, space and light, and also indirectly, when they are alternative hosts to pathogens and insect pests, or when they hinder harvesting.

Some common crop weeds of West Africa and their control. Aerial seeds germinate mainly maiz the upper 5 cm, while the larger subterranean seeds may emerge from depths down mzize 14 cm Budd et al. This article is found in a volume which is a collection of publications, mainly abstracts and technical summaries, presented at a meeting held by the American Peanut Research and Education Society Cokmelina in Continuing to use www.

Comme,ina benghalensis National Genetic Resources Program. Thus, the interaction among these properties was unfolded, focusing on the forms of management for each weed species. Aphid-transmitted viruses of cucurbits in Florida. Commelina benghalensis grows as a perennial in tropical climates and as an annual in the temperate United States.

It has been reported as affecting the following crops: