Sophie Treadwell was a campaigning journalist in America between the wars. Among her assignments was the sensational murder involving Ruth Snyder, who . Sophie Treadwell and the Young Woman upon which Machinal focuses are examples of a history and society that has rendered many women silent. In. In Defense of the Woman: Sophie Treadwell’s Machinal. Jennifer Jones. Modern Drama, Volume 37, Number 3, Fall , pp. (Article). Published by.

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Machinal: how an execution gripped America and sparked a Broadway sensation

That’s probably the real tragedy of the play. May 06, Nora rated it it was ok Shelves: Before leaving, she sees a flower on the windowsill and asks Mr. Goodreads helps nachinal keep track of books you want to read. Aug 09, The Steele rated it liked it. The press slavered for stories about her; photographer Tom Howard even smuggled a camera into her execution chamber at Sing Sing. Feb 11, Cecily Erker rated it really liked it. Basically, you just didn’t think it was any good? Project MUSE treadwfll the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

However, a close examination of that trial and the unprecedented coverage it received lead me to believe that Ruth Snyder was never far from Sophie Treadwell’s mind as she wrote Machinal. Absolutely beautiful and completely tragic.

In Episode Eight, Helen is in court. A young woman trapped, who took the only kind of freedom she thought Grim, stark, machine like.

I loved this play. Machhinal always had choices and multiple opportunities to take control of her life, but she couldn’t see them because of her fear and passivity that had been ingrained in her by nearly all her life experiences. Machinal by Sophie Treadwell. In Mexico, she scored an exclusive interview with Pancho Villa inspiring her melodrama Gringo ; in America she investigated factory work, equal pay and immigrant communities.


Everybody almost sound robotic and machine like. Oct 13, Zoe rated it really liked it. Like eophie someone hit you over the head with a hammer for 45 minutes and ask “Did that evoke unpleasantness? Produced and directed by Arthur HopkinsMachinal opened on Broadway at the Plymouth Theatre on September 7,and closed on November 24,after 91 performances.

However much I enjoyed the social commentary, there are parts where it bled through a little too obviously, but it wasn’t terrible enough for me to say this play is garbage. She tells George she misses her mother, which confuses him, since she told him earlier that she was glad to spend time away from the old woman.

He says the bowl contained a water lily, but Helen denies this. Moments later, Helen returns and sits still in front of her typewriter. Sophie Treadwell does her job in setting the scene of a monochrome world where the Young Woman deliberately depersonalised is a cog in the machine – always submitting to others, her mother, husband, friend, lover, encapsulated in the scene near the end where even her hair is taken against her will although I liked that she took it out of the cap at the end, perhaps a last try at self expression?

I feel I could read this many times before I completely understood the play, but the sentiments of longing and entrapment are very clear. The feeling of the constant drumbeat of the words, the clipping.


Machinal is a play by American playwright and journalist Sophie Treadwellinspired by the real-life case of convicted and executed murderer Ruth Snyder. Machhinal freely available titles: Sep 20, Payton rated it it was amazing.

Machinal – Wikipedia

Worth coming just for the creative lighting. Celebrity Death Match Special: At one of the tables, two men sit waiting for Helen and the telephone girl, who are late. I am officially off the wagon of depressing literature about women One had to have a ticket to be admitted, and scalpers were ready, as always, to make a quick buck, selling tickets for fifty dollars apiece.

No result due to unexpected deus ex Machinal In Defense of the Woman: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Views Read Edit View history.

Expressionism’s ability to capture raw human emotions really makes you feel sympathetic for Helen and draws you into the scene. Seven of her dramas played on Broadway. Machial of the original reviewers treadeell wrote that Machinal was only loosely based on the Ruth Snyder case, and this position has been quoted and accepted by contemporary scholarship. You said it was based on a— — That’s right. Oh my God am I never to be let alone!