-5°C 0°C 10°C 20 26 Molded case circuit breakers Susol MCCB AF LSIS Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved LS Circuit Breaker Catalogue. Internal Accessories can be commonly used in all Metasol MCCB and ELCB. ( Notice: LS shunt trips include coil clearing contacts that automatically clear the. Search in LS Industrial Systems catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. Catalog for iXP_XP Panel.

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Check same range products. For the download of the file you have to be a professionist installer or wholesaler. In addition, the core loss decreases attractive force, which leads to increase of instantaneous trip current.

Its contact is open when the circuit breaker is reset. There is a standard call [Vibration Testing Method for Small Electric Appliances] for vibration and impulse test for electric equipment and the seismic and endurance tests of Molded Case Circuit Breaker le conducted in accordance with this standard, considering the circumstance mentioned above.

The MTX range represents the ideal solution for industrial and advanced commercial systems thanks to its considerable potential in terms of adjustment from 1 to A and breaking capacity from 16 to kAwith rated voltage up to V. One is open and the other closed when the circuit breaker is open, and vice-versa.

Moreover, this stress may incur from vibration during transportation, magnetic impulse while manipulating a switch or may be affected by equipment in surrounding area. Operational time Operational time Max. Cattalogue necessary adjust them by following instructions. Check same range products.

Dimension La is shown in the Fig. They are incompatible cayalogue both the insulating terminal covers.

An appropriate consideration is required to select a right MCCB for an adverse environmental stress such as this one. Short type construction Long type construction 93 Accessories Insulation barriers Insulation barrier allows the insulation characteristics between the phases at the connections to be increased.

Save in your list Login Sign up. Loosen the adjusting screw in the lock plate and move the plate in the direction of the arrow as shown in Fig.


However, it is easy for petrochemical coat to be mechanically taken off so it is no problem if make-and break operation occurs frequently but it needs to mccn switched back and forth between make and break if the operation rarely occurs. Cookies Policy We use technical cookies for optimum navigation. Upgrade your profile on my profile page!

All Micrologic trip units provide impeccable, electronic circuit protection with adjustable protection settings for maximum system coordination and flexibility. Each switch contains two contacts having a common connection.

Two types by length are available and provide IP40 degree of protection. Rated operational voltage Icu: Continuously energized, the undervoltage release must be operating before the circuit breaker can be closed.

(MCCB) – Catalog

Sophisticated functionality, such as energy and power quality metering capabilities, is integrated in the more advanced trip units. Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers. When a short circuit interruption occur, high temperatures pressures are present in and above the arc chambers of the circuit-breaker. For the download vatalogue the file you have to choose a subtype during registration, go on modify profile and choose it!

Environment where Potentially Explosive Gas Exists It is advised, in principle, not to install a Molded Case Circuit Breaker that switches and inhibits current in a dangerous place such as this one. Do not disassemble or repair by yourself! It is always fitted with a compartment door lock and on a request it can be supplied with a key lock in the open position. For the download of the file you have to be a professionist installer mccg wholesaler, a designer or lighting designer.

Key lock type is optional. Account not yet confirmed, please confirm the link we sent you by mail. Power quality measurement and advanced protection features. The silver coating is effective to prevent this from occurring and there is a need to increase durability of MCCB with the use of silver coated lead wire if it is used in environment with thick petrochemical gas.

By continuing, you agree to use cookies, otherwise you can disable them from your browser. Insulation barrier Terminal cover Rear terminal Breaker Rotary handle Direct Rotary handle Direct, Key lock Rear terminal Plug-in kit Rotary handle Extended Terminal cover Insulation barrier 82 Rotary handles Direct type The rotary handle operating mechanism is available in either the direct version or in the extended version on cataoogue compartment door.


LS Metasol Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

Then the breaker can be closed. In other words, this switch does not function when the breaker is operated manually. Circuit breaker with cover frame and E-handle rotary extended handle Totally protected against ingress of IP degree IP40 IP65 dust and water jets from any direction Note: The short-circuit breaking capacities in are applied to the rated current in 3, 5, 10A 2.

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Susol MCCB, A Circuit Breaker

The eddy current that incurs at winding of catqlogue or core is considered as one of the transformer losses as catwlogue part of exciting current. Vibration The magnitude of vibration is measured by double amplitude and frequency with the following equation with accelerator. LS shunt trips include coil clearing contacts that automatically clear the signal circuit when the mechanism has tripped.

Micrologic Trip Units Micrologic electronic trip units are designed for use in both PowerPact and Masterpact circuit breakers All Micrologic trip units provide impeccable, electronic circuit protection with adjustable protection settings for maximum system coordination and flexibility. Micrologic trip systems use a set of current transformers called CTs or sensors to sense the current, a trip unit to evaluate the current m and a tripping solenoid to trip the circuit breaker.

Same electrical and physical specification with MCCB. Directly mountable to a circuit breaker. Energy Transformations Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Marking ZCT on the Aux. Magnetic trip range Magnetic trip range Max. It takes up the majority portion of no-load loss of electric equipment and is calculated like this.

For fixed circuit-breakers with rear terminals and for moving parts of plug-in.