Definition of losers weepers in the Idioms Dictionary. losers weepers phrase. What does losers weepers expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom. Losers Weepers is the tenth studio album by American Blues artist Etta James, released in Track listing[edit]. No. Title, Length. 1. “Take Out Some. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Meaning. Definition: Those who obtain something simply by discovering it are entitled to keep it.. If someone loses something.

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Losers Weepers – Wikipedia

I love Garth and Josie, their banter and their weepets and devotion to one another. Garth started to fall deeper and deeper inside of his head, pushing everyone away. Garth was pretty frustrating in this book.

Neither space, time, nor situation would change that there was only one person in this godforsaken world for me. Although I was completely satisfied with the way Finders Keepers ended, part of me was excited to see that Nicole Williams had decided to write more in Garth and Josie’s story. Do I warn you of the emotional punch that it will deliver to you?

Her love was so big weepere overwhelming that each day with her erased another day of pain and failure from my past. Things are absolutely perfect, until a tragic accident has everyone crashing to the ground.

Books by Nicole Williams. Will you give me permission to love you the rest of it too? And I was rooting for Josie, as Garth was being stubborn about something stupid, in my opinion. There were moments of humor usually provided in the banter and teasing with the friends. Garth is making good money on the bull riding competition circuit, he and Josie have bought a house together, and their relationship is progressing to the next step.


If I didn’t know that Nicole Williams can write better and more exciting books I’d have enjoyed this more, I think. It was nice these two have a large presence when they are needed most by Garth and Josie. May 18, Samantha McNulty rated it liked it Shelves: I want to be careful to avoid spoiling the book for you, which is difficult because so much of it takes place AFTER the thing that happens and it’s the characters’ reactions to it that made me simultaneously love the book and want to chuck it against the wall.

Fifteen Dollars and Thirty-five Cents: One more book to go, can’t wait. Jun 20, Oana D.

What Does Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Mean?

You question your wewpers reaction if you were in a comparable position. Mar 07, Valerie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sure, it had its soap-opera moments BUT I really — Want to losera if the whole series is worth reading?

With the exception of series based books that follow the same path but are just as good. Losers Weepers was a bit of a rough ride of a book, but I’m honestly glad I gave it a shot because these characters hold a special place in my heart. Nicole loves hearing from her readers.


I only wish the ending had been a tad longer. Here I thought the first book in the series was my favorite.

This girl was a star and I already loved her in the previous books, but this time around my love for her multiplied by a fold. But his friends and love can only carry him so far, and Garth will have to figure out a way to pull himself up by his bootstraps in order to deal with his new reality and try to move forward.

This expression first appeared in its modern form in the s. He feels like the happiest and luckiest guy in the world. I think for me, the one reason I wasn’t head over heels in love with this book as I was with the rest of the series is actually Garth. Feb 25, Booknut rated it liked it Shelves: That changed when he fell in love with Josie Gibson.

Again, I don’t really know, but I would have liked at least some This one was just okay for me unfortunately.