A website blog about papercraft and scale paper model. Model making using paper or card board. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Thursday, 12 July Rauf Raphanus Mask and Costume. E-mail · Print. Download. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Kinda sick of making papercraft after spending 2 weeks trying to build a . some times I just google ‘papercraft loki helmet’ and look up all the.

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Once I had one done, I just flipped the template over on another piece papercragt foam, transferred, and made a mirror copy. Went back to the headpiece. I picked up some wood filler, but in the end, I wound up only using it for the horns. I am a huge cosplay fan and have always wanted to try my hand at making something that looked cool out of foam and Worbla. Secondly, I used eyelets that were too large for the eyelet pliers that I had.

Then I cut loads of little pieces pqpercraft Worbla, heated them up and formed them together like clay and attached them as closely as I could manage over my guidelines.

I ran out to the hobby shop and picked up some clear resin and a large candy mold sheet that was all different gem sizes and shapes. First she gathered TONS of reference images and went to the fabric store to purchase a load of green fabric.

I used a combination of clay sculpting tools and the tools from an old iPhone repair kit to get into the creases and edges to make the details as sharp as I could manage.

He has a great video on making armor using craft foam and Worbla which I followed to the letter. Worbla has a pretty rough texture — and obviously armor should ideally be smooth. After the pieces were sprayed, I dry brushed the black paint into all the cracks and crevices and did my best to feather and fade everything. Doing it all by hand and getting the two horns to match up identically was MUCH more difficult than I anticipated. It was tempting to just make some basic horns and go from there, but the way the horns curve is pretty distinctive and I wanted to replicate it as much as possible.


Cut it super close — but pulled it off. I started with the helmet.

I had a leather coat hanging in the closet that had managed to get a hole in it a few years back, so the decision was made that this coat would get cut up and become papercratf of the leather pieces for the costume.

When I finally had the basic shape figured out, I used a bit of craft foam and cut out the template.

Loki Cosplay – Halloween 2015

Considering that none of the pieces of armor that I created were even remotely smooth, the roughness really shows up in the final pieces. Bracer template horrible mobile phone pics, sorry! I think the end result looks cool, but to be honest it is not anywhere near what the film version has it looking like.

When I got home I spent a good deal of time sitting in the floor watching The X-Files and practicing carving on a spare piece of foam to get the hang of it. After a ton of looking around online at Lady Loki costumes, I decided on a diadem style of headpiece rather than a full helmet and spent a few hours going back and forth on sketches.

Loki Helmet Papercraft

The craft foam was sandwiched in between layers of Worbla which were snipped and folded around the backside of each piece. When heated it becomes pliable and when it cools back down it is basically gelmet.

Since the horns are thicker than the 1 inch foam that I bought, I had to use some hot glue to glue a couple pieces of foam together to get the material thick enough. I did a lot of the straps and buckles and stuff, but all the fabric bits were up to her.


We wound up attaching the armor pieces to the costume with velcro and superglue and finished the whole thing about 30 minutes before we were supposed to meet friends for trick-or-treating.

On the same bracer. Once the layers were dry, I noticed that they were still pretty rough.

This would at least give me some frame of reference for outlining later on when the piece was covered. Everywhere that I found online suggests using the pink type of foam, but all I could lokl at my local hardware store was blue.

Marvel – Loki Helmet Life Size Papercraft Free Download

I am not sure if there is any difference between the two colors — but the blue foam worked just fine. Then I used the same template to cut out and glue all of the additional pieces that looked like they were supposed to have depth.

Just foam, superglue, and more plastic jewels. In retrospect, I should have gotten the quick cure stuff cause the stuff I bought had a 24 hour cure time. Not a single picture was taken. I was lucky enough that one of the comic book shops in the area carries it papefcraft so I popped over and picked up a large sheet.

The horns are made of foam.