Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic [Peter J. Carroll] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two complete volumes in one. You are free to post anything you feel is relevant. Discussion is Liber Null and the Psychonaut: An introduction to chaos magic (PDF). Liber Null and Psychonaut has ratings and 69 reviews. I wish 20th century magical texts didn’t zoom into the whole “free love to shock the squares” thing.

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Tarot and the Path of Initiation. They should make notes about environmental factors conducive or otherwise to the work. It should nll a basis for lateral thinking or intuitive guesswork rather than as a final answer to be mechanically interpreted. But we’ll all go on using it till we find out. In constructing a sigil, the aim is to produce a glyph of desire, 20 a Word method.

If you’re tired of overly-complex rituals based on some medieval mythos that seems like a joke to you, then this is the book for you. Record the results in the magical diary. To be truly alive is to assume the impossible and live by it. Thus are will and perception extended into areas of time and space beyond the physical limitations of the material body.

A Study in Magic. Some image may be used as a receptacle of thought if it be not completely annulled. If a definite effort is made to consciously note these occurrences as well psychonatu to record them in the magical diary, they start to become much more numerous.


Every new form of liberation is destined to eventually become another form of enslavement for most of its adherents. Written closer to the beginning of his career, he’s obviously been thinking about these things for a long time.

Liber Null & Psychonaut

The glyphs can be employed in various spells and sigils, but the words are mostly quite inaccurate attempts to capture a feeling. In all cases estabhshing a relationship with the spirit follows a similar process of evocation.

After holding the sigil in the mind for as long as possible, it is oiber to banish it by evoking laughter. The Mirror of Alchemy.

Liber Null and the Psychonaut: An introduction to chaos magic (PDF) : fifthplateau

They may be used to cause change in oneself, change in others, or change in the universe. Lea “When we are born, we are soft and supple, frse death we are liner and inflexible. This is no Crowley who bombards you with an enrapturing and bewitching style of writing, but a more down-to-earth and rather sober attitude. Alternatively, one may arrange oneself before a mirror at a distance of about two feet and stare fixedly at the image of one’s eyes in the mirror with an psyvhonaut, corpselike gaze.

Fasting, sleep, and sensory deprivation combined with drugs and clouds of incense smoke will usually provide a demon with sufficiently sensitive and malleable media in which to manifest an image if commanded to do so.

Liber Null & Psychonaut : Peter J Carroll :

This is an interesting read. Whatever is suppressed, restricted, ridiculed, or despised, almost always contains a telling counterpoint to mainstream ideas. The cellular mechanisms which make reproduction and growth possible are also those which cause ageing and death. Breathing Stay as motionless as possible and begin pzychonaut deliberately make the breathing slower and deeper. There hull no absolutes in terms of importance, goodness, meaning or truth that do not arise from the accidental structure of the body brain and its surroundings.


Figure 9 on page 78 shows us that the root of every emotion is always its opposite. The division favored here is more temperamental.

This book is frustrating- a lot of great insights and a lot of absolute crap. There was this programming language called C. There is no freedom from duality on this plane of existence, but one may at least aspire to choice of duality. Attachment is to be understood both in the positive and negative sense, for aversion is its other face.

To help solidify what one already pstchonaut

The Key of Solomon annd King: Two complete volumes in one. The fingers should be curled or clasped in unusual positions to draw attention to the arms. They are all forms of our awareness.

fre Having communicated with the invoked form, the magician should draw it into himself and go forth to live in the way he hath willed. Explain to me why!