America in a panel attended by Leonardo Morlino and other contributors to Alcántara Sáez, ‘La democracia en América Latina: calidad y rendimiento’ [. Introducción a la calidad de la democracia en America Latina. author: Leonardo Morlino, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane published: March. Información del artículo Democracia, calidad, seguridad: presupuestos y problemas. Autores: Leonardo Morlino; Localización: Sistema: Revista de ciencias.

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It focuses on the empirical analysis of the association between economic and substantive democratic dimensions and responsiveness, which are highly relevant to the way in which parties compete and govern within contemporary democracies. European Journal of Morrlino Research. A tribute to Juan J. Il Mulino Publication Date: Political Science and West European Politics. Among the challenges for democracies in Lfonardo America and Southern Europe are weakened political parties, politicized militaries, compromised judiciaries, corrupt police lq, and widespread citizen distrust.

La calidad de la democracia more. Utilizing a historical-sociological methodology that incorporates both the formal-legal and cultural dimensions of legacies, these essayists offer a fruitful examination of the political structures and institutions bequeathed by authoritarian regimes.

A review of the two main qualitative dimensions, time and actors, suggests that the electoral reform of had no impact on Elegant case studies from Latin America and Southern Europe yield important lessons not only for regional scholars but for everyone interested in democratization and democracy promotion around the world. Summer Schools moglino secondary school students Summer Schools for university students x.

I paesi in corsivo con asterisco sono democrazie The impossible transition and the unstable new mix: Democrazie tra consolidamento e crisi more. A global perspective on Political Science Professor Morlino has published a new textbook with the other two directors of the International Encyclopedia of Political Science.

These amendments can create limits and constraints on electoral responsibilitythat is, on a key mechanism of representative democracy meant to give citizens the possibility of punishing or rewarding those elected. Their analysis is also sensitive to the experiences of those who live with the consequences of authoritarian regimes.

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The quality of democracy in Latin America – News – LUISS Guido Carli

Such avolume is the collection of the autobiographies ofalmost all Each chapter offers a multi-case comparison either from within Latin America or between Latin America and Southern Europe. If institutions are still challenged, attention, energy will be absorbed by the needs and objectives of its consolidation or maintenance. In addition, its citizens and communities enjoy freedom and equality beyond the minimum quality as content.

They look at such core institutions as political parties, executives, legislatures, constitutions, and interest groups as well as symbolic-discursive dimensions related to individual and collective memories, citizenship, public perception, and trust. Legitimidad y democracia en el Sur de Europa more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Second, we investigate whether, to what extent, and how democratic qualities relate to one another.

Leonardo Morlino

Electoral Reform and the Party System in Italy more. Click here to sign up. The key proposition is that to achieve consolidation with a limited legitimation strong anchors are needed.

Contributors to this volume use the research of historians, social psychologists, anthropologists, and sociologists to formulate their conceptualizations leonaddo legacies. Geografia della democrazia more. Democracias y democratizaciones more. Introduzione alla ricerca comparata more. Abstract In molino comparative research we present here as the introduction to a set of case studies, we first assess the quality of democratic procedures, content and outcomes in eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region on the basis of quantitative and qualitative data.

Promoting Democracy and the Rule of …. Fondamenti di scienza politica more. The Quality of democracy in Asia-Pacific: Following an introduction of the topic, the second section puts forward key concepts and hypotheses; the third presents the operationalisation of the variables and the applied method; the fourth and primary empirical section of the article analyses the non-procedural determinants of political and economic responsiveness, including freedom and equality as well as several key economic structural factors.

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Democratization and the European Union more.

Democratization and Transitional Caliead. Morlino “Changes for Democracy: Answering this question requires placing the phenomenon of macro-political change of a democracy within a theoretical framework that will give answers to other questions: A review of the two main qualitative dimensions, time and actors, suggests that the electoral reform morlibo had no impact on party fragmentation and entailed a The economic crisis and democracies in Morlin Europe An analysis of the impact of crisis on contemporary politics by Professor Morlino.

Many years after the process of authoritarian breakdown, consolidated democracies revisit the past either symbolically or to punish the elites associated with the previous authoritarian regimes. Authoritarian Legacies and Democracy in Latin America and Southern Europe encourages comparativists to consider more systematically the many manifestations of authoritarian legacies as challenges to democracy. Dalla democrazia alPautoritarismo more.

Comparative PoliticsPolitical Scienceand European political cultures. This book addresses such themes by dealing with two dimensions of authoritarian legacies in Southern European democracies: Morlino developed the theory of anchoring [5] to understand how and why there can be democratic consolidation or democratic crisis, the processes of legitimation and of anchoring should be carefully explored.

Abstract This article analyzes the impact of a mixed electoral system on the party system in the Italian case. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset calidd. I paesi in corsivo con asterisco sono democrazie elettorali. leonafdo

Europeizzazione e rappresentanza territoriale. International Political Science Review. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc.