With the crystal, Lawo offers the ideal mixing console for broadcasters who want to be From the first glance on the crystal console fascinates with a smart and. Lawo crystal and sapphire radio mixing consoles, and R3LAY virtual radio mixers are to be used in Nairobi’s new local streaming channel, Kenya’s NRG Radio. Lawo has announced its latest crystal mixing consoles, responding to feedback received from users of more than 1, broadcast consoles presently at work in.

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Lawo crystal EN-1 pdf 2. And if individual adaptations to the user workflows are needed – also this is realised easily thanks to the comprehensive configuration options. Beside the smart design also the inner values of the crystal will convince you. They range from small n-1 set-ups to a full-blown conference matrix, and from a single crysgal room monitoring to multiple monitoring buses.

Two high-visibility OLED displays per channel provide an ideal overview. IABM 20 days ago. With a well thought-out, user-friendly control surface that inspires, and with smart design that fascinates.

Monday, December 31, State-of-the-art technology and ultra-slim construction The crystal console is a genuine eye-catcher in any studio.

Aliquam eleifend viverra purus sed aliquet. Ergonomic design for optimal workflow Apart from its modern appearance and renowned Lawo build quality, crystal will also impress with its outstanding ergonomics. Durban FilmMart project submissions now open. Oawo Surface Control surface variants with up to 16 faders Compact design with case height only 35 mm 1. In less than four months, NRG Radio was up and running as a visual-radio FM channel with cfystal online audio and video stream — it can be found on Latest stories from around the world Pre show previews from exhibiting companies Blogs on the key trends and hot topics.

The build quality and integral attributes of crystal will meet the crystall demands — from drystal superb all-metal case and mm faders with integral dust shield, to its excellent signal processing capabilities. Lawo recently introduced its fully touchscreen-based crystalClear virtual radio console, complementing the crystal product line for applications where no physical faders are needed.


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Lawo crystal, sapphire & R3LAY consoles go on-air with NRG Radio

Suspendisse laqo diam nec sem malesuada imperdiet eu eget elit. In its basic version, VisTool is designed for clear visualization, while the unlimited version of VisTool can be completely customized to meet any requirements, displaying all parameters or only those that are essential.

Smart technology, ready to use.

By the press of a button, AutoGain levels microphone analog gains automatically within seconds, while the talent just talks into the microphone. The new crystal has a re-designed drystal surface, available in 4- to fader versions, providing clear operational layout in an ultra-slim chassis.

Being the perfect choice for stand-alone operation as well as for networked environments, crystal ensures maximum efficiency crhstal on-air operation and production in all aspects of everyday work. Aenean in ultrices erat. Or from a few internal console snapshots to unlimited console and channel snapshots in a database, and from a fully accessible console to a restricted user interface defined by user rights management.

The crystal mixing console comes with VisTool, a powerful touchscreen-optimised PC software for extended visualisation and control of crystal installations.

Cystal has announced its latest crystal mixing consoles, responding to feedback received from users of more than 1, broadcast consoles presently at work in the field.


Customization Even though crystal consoles come with a working preset, they offer a high degree of customization and an unparalleled pool of workflow optimizing functions and features.

We use cookies to provide the best possible user experience for those who visit our website. With high-profile staff recruitment and test transmissions made over the past three months, NRG Radio has brought a new wave of radio technology to its premises with its Lawo crystal and sapphire radio mixing consoles, and R3LAY virtual radio mixers.

Call for videography and photography proposals for school camp programme. Netflix enters into multi-year overall deal with Chris Nee. The new Crystal mixing console comes with VisTool, a powerful touchscreen optimized PC software for extended visualization and control of Crystal installations.


AutoMix also works perfectly as a ducking function for voiceovers live on air. New functions like the integrated AutoMix and AutoGain provide outstanding ease-of-use, especially to journalists and presenters in self-op situations.

Aenean sodales bibendum tortor, in varius nunc auctor eget. The crystal success story continues: Lawo has developed a yet more powerful Crystal console. The software is designed to be the central screen and interaction system for radio hosts, providing full control over all relevant functions of a crystal console.

All pushbuttons are illuminated with RGB LEDs, enabling users to work with different colour schemes for different functions, giving different processing functions their own coding, for example. Automix and Autogain AutoMix automatically adjusts the levels of active and inactive microphones, while keeping a constant ambient level.

Lawo Crystal 8 fader

Three key phases were planned to ensure the smooth and speedy progress of the project. As a result, mixing and hosting a talk show becomes a breeze. Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided. Please enter your name here. Lawo crystal radio console. The Crystal success story continues Duis non felis eleifend, varius turpis sit amet, fringilla metus.

Nullam in dui mi. Intel i5 or higher CPUBenchmark min. A fast and cost-efficient start is provided for with the included configuration templates that cover many standard applications.

Software for system configuration and logic programming Integral web server for system diagnosis Dedicated SW tool for software updates Remote maintenance using dedicated remote access tool.

IABM 80 days ago. The console takes over control of the microphone mix, while the talent simply conducts the interview.