In this evocative study of the fall of the Mughal Empire and the beginning of the Raj, award-winning historian William Dalrymple uses previously undiscovered. By: William Dalrymple Media of The Last Mughal This Mughal is Bahadur Shah Zafar II, one of the most tolerant and likeable of his remarkable dynasty who. Buy The Last Mughal: The Fall of Delhi, by William Dalrymple (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Please try again later. A fascinating read of the last Mughal, the history surrounding his demise. John Nicholson, who became a cult figure among his native troops they thought he was an incarnation of Vishnu and his fellow countrymen, proposed “a bill for the flaying alive, impalement or burning of the murderers of the [British] women and children of Mhghal and one of his soldiers a Quaker, no less habitually bayonetted sepoys while chanting Psalm First, he used multiple sources many of which were previously unexplored that allowed his story to be wonderfully unbiased in either direction.

The book tells of the last emperor at the time of the Indian rebellion dilliam Apr 13, Bushra rated it liked it.

The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty: Delhi, 1857

The building is a giddy, pseudo-Mexican ranch house with white walls and a williak tile roof. Jun 29, Sahil Pradhan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Penguin Viking Published In: Learn more about Amazon Prime. If I have one complaint, this book under-emphasized the atrocities committed by the Indians against the British and overemphasized the terrible retribution atrocities by the forces that came to take back the country.

He has recreated the events vividly and described the personalities in much detail. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. It was his fate that he embroiled lastt a war that he neither desired nor invited! Dalrymple, researched this book for over 4 years and accessed sources, which were until now, never used to narrate the history of those seminal times. There was a feeling that technologically, economically and politically, as well as culturally, the British had nothing to learn from India and much to teach; it did not take long for imperial arrogance to set in.


In the final days of the dynasty real power had been ceded to the British, but the emperor was allowed to remain as a figurehead. What makes the reading a pleasure is the williiam and sometime humorous tone Dalrymple has taken to desc. Mar 11, Pages. Other dalrgmple were gleefully explicit that the short rope was a deliberate strategy to prolong the death of the victim. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

This breaks the long standing era of tolerance and common cause between Hindus and Muslims. If Dalrymple wrote more of our textbooks, I’ve sure young people would stop seeing history as a staid and boring subject, and be able to relate, engage and learn from it.

Zafar the ditherer

View all 5 comments. Crystal chandeliers dangled sometimes two or three to a room; oils of sunflowers and tumbling kittens that would have looked at home on the Hyde Park railings hung below garishly gilt cornices. It goes on for a very long time, not just in the excitement of the aftermath of battle. A culturally diverse, almost cosmopolitan city, of which Bahadur Shah Lats, was the mere figurehead.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. He did not want the mutiny but was too weak and adlrymple to resist it. As the British Commissioner in charge insisted, ‘No vestige should remain to distinguish where the last of the Great Moghuls rests.

Deprived of real political power by the East India Company, he mughql succeeded in creating a court of great brilliance, and presided over one of the great cultural renaissances of Indian history.

In fact as mentioned in the book, the only thing Zafar was decisive about in those trying times was his “refusal to alienate his Hindu subjects by subscribing to the demands of the jihadis. To think that Chandni Chowk, my favorite spot in Delhi, was the place of su I’m giving this book four stars because although it’s very interesting material, I didn’t get “hooked” very easily and it took me longer to read than a book this size usually takes me. The Last Mughal is a portrait of the dazzling Delhi Zafar personified, the story of the last days of the great Mughal capital and its final destruction in the catastrophe of I hadn’t expected it to be so crude, but most of all I never expected the Company to be so incompetent.

Perhaps this is partly due to the author’s passion for the world of which he writes, but it also must be more than that. It only covers Mughhal, the epicenter of the rebellion. The worst charge that could be laid against Zafar, in fact, was his indecisiveness, which plagued him in his domestic life as well as in the more hazardous area of interracial politics.


The first part is fairly interesting. War spares no one nor dalyrmple weak or the strong but the difference is stronger ones come out as winners and their suffering stops but its the waeker in this case the muslims of subcontinent whose suffering started from the end of the mughal empire.

Wilpiam read the book, I will say that this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, informative and entertaining works on Mughal history. The royal princes had nothing to lose by supporting, encouraging and leading the revolt, when it came.

Dalrymple shows the vast enduring impression of the Emperor of India in the common men of even afar the intrusion of the British through Plassey hundred years before.

The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple | : Books

During the four months that the sipahi regime remained in existence, Bahadur Shah was not just a passive onlooker. The repression alst even after the rebellion ended with pursuits, trials and executions and the confiscations of lands and properties. He has rarely rated more than a paragraph or two, sometimes only one sentence, and as often as not has been referred to merely as the King of Delhi – which is rather like describing the Pope as the Bishop of Rome in order to diminish him.

On 25 September he wrote to Ddalrymple Victoria about the violent rancour of a very large proportion dalrymplle the English Community against every native Indian of every class. The last Mughal emperor, Zafar, came to the throne when the political power of the Mughals was already in steep decline. Many cruel punishments were meted out: All this is not very pleasant to think coolly of, but when the moment comes excitement makes you feel as happy as possible.