[email protected] (mailing list, the only place to send questions!) to lartc. org and a git tree for the website (including LARTC HOWTO. The best guide you will find online to LARTC is the Linux Advanced Routing and Shaping HOWTO. If you find this strategy too complicated to. Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO. Bert Hubert. Netherlabs BV. @ Thomas Graf (Section Author). tgraf%

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Users of the old mailing list are encouraged to move to lartc vger.

All errors lzrtc omissions are strictly my fault. Introduction to Linux Traffic Control. Linux offers a very rich set of tools for managing and manipulating the transmission of packets. However, there are plenty of other routing strategies that you could adopt.

In most network traffic scenarios, you have the time and power to analyze traffic and expand or adapt resources accordingly. Nowto some situations, particularly when serving the publicdemand can be unpredictable. I strongly recommend to the eager reader making a first foray into the discipline of traffic control, to become only casually larct with the tc command line utility, before concentrating on tcng.

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Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control

In particular, the following items will be added at some point to this documentation. The internet is made up of independently owned and managed networks. lwrtc

It is more likely that on some switches you need load sharing and on others, you need queue manipulation. Broadly speaking, this HOWTO was written with a sophisticated user in mind, perhaps one who has already had experience with traffic control under Linux. Please make sure that you edit the. If you find this strategy too complicated to implement, there are shortcuts that you can take to simplify traffic shaping. Is the new mailing list subscriber-only as well?


So, data units marked with the 0 band will get passed through before any datagram in the queue that is marked with a 1. If you have any expertise in any of these areas, please pitch in.

Where possible, I’ll try to prefer describing the behaviour of the Linux traffic control system in an abstract manner, although in many cases I’ll need to supply the syntax of one or the other common systems for defining these structures.

The receiving router then makes its own decision on where the next hop will be. For users with newer kernels 2. This text was written in DocBook version 4. I assume that the reader is comfortable with UNIX concepts and the command line and has a basic knowledge of IP networking. QoS is particularly useful hotwo creating virtual networks.

Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO

However, if you know you need to increase the physical capacity of your network on one segment, it is sometimes more economical to just lay a second cable alongsiderather than throwing out your existing wiring and getting in more expensive cabling with greater bandwidth capabilities. PBR involves instructing your routers and switches to use some other method instead of the default Border Gateway Protocol BGP in order to select the adjacent network onto which it should forward data.


Although I have made every effort to verify the factual correctness of the content presented herein, I cannot accept any responsibility for actions taken under the influence of this documentation.

For example, QoS can help reserve bandwidth to make specific applications available all of the time at the cost of others in the event of a traffic surge.

1. Introduction to Linux Traffic Control

Network device from PXHere. The switches on your system will maintain different route maps for different tags. Consider these simpler solutions before you opt for the complex and composite methodologies that create the Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control. QoS is really a form of class-based routing. So, you can run your digital telephone service over your data network, keeping both types of traffic distinct.

This implementation essentially creates a series of virtual queues with the network device only serving queue 1 when there is nothing in queue 0. The Border Gateway Protocol is the only routing methodology in operation on the internet.

Bert Hubert has offered to continue hosting the old mailing list archives at http: This system takes a little while to set up because you need to specify classes and allocate them to different sources.