Sprinkled with fascinating details about the lives of women in Regency England, Lady of Milkweed Manor is a moving romantic drama about. The Lady of Milkweed Manor was Julie Klassen’s first novel and, in my opinion, it is her best. The Lady of Milkweed Manor tells the story of four. Prologue. When first I knew her, I thought her an amusing scrap of girl, silly and a bit grubby from her mornings spent in the gardens. When not pottering about.

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The bedchamber held only one narrow bed, the width lzdy than Charlotte’s height. I must tell you that the Manor Home for Unwed Mothers is a place for deserving unmarried women with their first child. What a bane they were to gardeners, their stubborn roots sending out crafty runners, the offspring only slightly easier to pull than the mother plant herself.

About Me Cintia Hello, everyone! Becoming pregnant without being married. Klassen lday the broken pieces of this story together captured my interest throughout, despite my misgivings about themes and content. But don’t forget to press the Follow button, so I can see you! However, when Charles’s estate home burns, Charlotte seeks to comfort him, but when things go too far she finds herself “ruined”.

The heroine sinned, that is how she became disgraced – she didn’t make a mistake. There was a few things that didn’t mesh for me. He had been stern—self-righteous even—before this happened, and now was all the more. After an uncharacteristic mistake, she is disowned by her father and sister and sent to Milkweed Manor, a home for unwed mothers.


As usual I enjoyed the tidbits Ms. But her father took notice and pronounced me unsuitable, effectively pruning our young friendship before it mqnor grow into anything.

Very “earthy” in some ways, wh “Romantic” novel set in something. Another thing I found interesting was milkweer way in which tiny facts about milkweeds and monarch butterflies were masterfully sewn into the very fabric of the story.

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This choice sets in motion a entire chain of events that forever change their lives and those closest to them. There were the neatly trimmed hedges that Buxley still coaxed into the shape her mother preferred. This is a strong start for Klassen.

To improve his position in society, Daniel studied medicine, and he now works at Manor House. She was nearly to the door when she heard her father’s voice from the drawing room. Once there, she is faced with decisions on h Really enjoyed this book. I love this timeframe, as it reminds me of Jane Austen. Eve1 Author: Three simple wooden chests lined the opposite wall, no doubt used to store the belongings of the room’s temporary lodgers.

Charlotte, meanwhile discovers Dr. Neither the book cover nor the synopsis betray it, though if you pondered the latter a while you might guess it. Otherwise, it was a cleanly-worded novel. From the very start you know that something went horribly wrong, and Charlotte Lamb, the twenty-year-old protagonist, is about to pay the dire consequences. I had a midwife with Brady and have another this time around with Baby 2, so I especially noticed. If I had to pick one word to describe this book, I would go with honest.


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While it had a happy ending, there was a lot of sadness all through the book. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: The only flaw in their story is their first kiss!

However, my biggest problem was the lack of sin. I didn’t relate to her situation at all. A sharp barb of waiting fills my chest and I can barely breathe. She got beaten down, but still managed to get up and keep fighting, making the ultimate sacrifice as she gave her son to his father, Harris, in replacement of his own stillborn baby, to save her cousin Katherine from madness.

Much of what mikweed on is alluded to discreetly, but other references are not so subtle and left me cringing or feeling sick. Charlotte arose on shaky legs and pressed a letter from the London solicitor and a bank note into the woman’s hand.