PDF | A careful reading of the KUBARK manual is essential for anyone involved in interrogation, if perhaps for no other reason than to uncover a definition of. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for KUBARK interrogation, and particularly the counterintelligence interrogation of resistant sources. “An environment still more subject to control, such as water-tank or iron lung, is even more effective,” the KUBARK manual concludes.

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And kuvark the provocateur who substitutes a fictitious person for his real father will disclose some of his feelings about his father in the course of detailing his story about the imaginary substitute.

His facial expression should not reveal special interest in any one statement; he should just seem sympathetic and understanding. Acquaintances often feel that his manuao is just around the corner, but something always intervenes. On the other hand, if the needed information is not sensitive from the subject’s viewpoint, merely asking for it is usually preferable to trying to trick him into admissions manuao thus creating an unnecessary battle of wits.

Any interrogatee has his ups and downs, times when he is tired or half-ill, times when his personal problems have left his nerves frayed.

As soon as the second door is closed again and A is out of earshot, the interrogator resumes his questioning. The guilt-ridden character is hard to interrogate. Not Enabled Word Wise: The appeal will glance off ineffectually if the resistance is totally or kubaro emotional rather than rational. When, in the judgment of the interrogator, B is fairly well convinced that A has broken down and told his story, the interrogator may elect mankal say to B, “Now that A has come clean with us, I’d like to let him go.


TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE » CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual

But no one of them is persistently dominant; the average man’s qualities of obstinacy, unrealistic optimism, anxiety, and the rest are not overriding or imperious except for relatively short intervals.

No interrogator should be reluctant to notify his superior when emotional involvement becomes evident. The second is that even if they prove accurate for large groups, the data are like those in actuarial tables; they have no specific predictive value for individuals.

Any planned operational use of such persons should take into account the fact that they have no sense of loyalty to mnual common cause and are likely to turn aggrievedly against superiors. Defectors in particular, because they are often hostile toward any kind of authority, cause trouble by threatening or bringing suits in local courts, arranging publication of vengeful stories, or going to the local police. The sad fact is that defectors who left their homelands because they could not get along with their immediate or ultimate superiors are also likely to rebel against authorities in the new environment a fact which usually plays an important part in redefection.

Some kuvark even discuss the interrogator’s manners and grooming, maual one prescribed the traits considered desirable in his secretary. At the proper time, and during A’s absence, B warns the source not to tell A anything because B suspects him of being an informant planted by the authorities.

Manuual the brand of torture the CIA devised through more than a decade of trial and error may not inflict physical pain, it can still do some real damage. The desire for approval provides the interrogator with a handle. If operational use is contemplated, recruitment may sometimes be effected through such queries as, “I wonder if you would be willing to undertake a dangerous mission. Then a friendly soul treats him to an kbark walk in the woods.


Therefore defectors are likely to be found in the ranks of the orderly-obstinate, the greedy and deriding, the schizoids, and the exceptions. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Customers who bought this item also bought. In a page advising against using coercive techniques was inserted at manua, front of Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual.

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Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. KUBARK’s lack of executive powers is especially significant if the interrogation of a suspect agent or of any other subject who is expected to resist is under consideration. One general observation is introduced now, however, because it is considered basic to the establishment of rapport, upon which the success of non-coercive interrogation depends. If the interrogator is unaware of this unconcsious process, the result can be a confused battle of submerged attitudes, in which the spoken words are often merely a cover for the unrelated struggle being waged at lower levels of both personalities.

Unless time is crucial, the interrogator should not become impatient if the interrogatee wanders from the purposes of the interrogation and reverts to personal concerns. He starts by asking why confessions occur at all.

CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual

The subject is likeliest to talk freely if the screener’s manner is friendly and patient. The chances of failure in an unplanned CI interrogation are unacceptably high. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Full particulars are needed. He is kuubark to find reassuring any manifestation of concern for his well-being.