When you look at all of the current armies, they are not using kroot in any of .. My army lists have kroot, I’ve always won using them and lost. So back in the day, there was a Kroot mercenary Army you could play. . a Kroot army like the Kroot Merc army lists of old, you’ll want/need to. KROOT MERCENARIES. The Kroot are expert jungle-fighters and trackers, and they are to be found serving as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and.

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I always used them to tie up units and hold points to keep my gunners safe.

I see a couple vacation days off work and some long nights ahead. I think I’ll start working on the head next, along with lish the howdah and weapon crew and painting them separately. Next up is a jetbike-type character that I’m planning to magnetize so it could be a warrior, seer, or hunter.

Oaka Here are the pieces I have to build the howdah. Oaka Thanks for the kind words, and I’m interested in seeing how your scout army goes. The scourges would look perfect judging by the mock up. My arjy was to adequately copy the Forgeworld mounted Great Knarloc so the unit looked coherent together.

The first 6 points are based on the current edition of a tabletop game, which is not what Gladius attempts to emulate. Due to my inexperience at converting at the time as well as my close friend deciding to play DE when he started, I shelved the Kroot Army I had going.



Originally posted by coki Colonel Dakura – click to view full reply. It always did lit me a bit that Kroot kits existed in plastic, but the potential for mutations weren’t really well represented. If they are ignored, then they charge in first and either die to Overwatch or tie up the enemy unit to prevent them from lst at my more elite units.

Looking forward to see the end product, this is going to be good.

Hive Fleet Charybdis: 40k Age of Sigmar: Kroot

,root bolt thrower harness was copied from the Forgeworld model, with four nailheads in the corners of the fabric. Submit a new link. MechaEmperor This thread is made of so much win. Start a New Discussion.

Ynnari Kroot Mercenaries (Female Kroot August 29) – Forum – DakkaDakka

One thing you might consider doing is building up underneath the giant kroot beasts eyes. Here is a nice size comparison shot. I’ve always envisioned the Kroot being a mashup of infantry and beasts charging through heavy terrain: Funny you mention the skiff. I’m glad someone finally did it!

Ynneadwraith – click to view full reply. Bullitmagnit View Profile View Posts. Still, it’s nice to know I have the models available for future use. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. I played an point game this past week against Eldar and held my own, armh winning all the small battles between units from each side.


So far Lis dug up some skinks from someone elses bits box and been kriot them around the table but would like to field something a little better. Since the skinks stand on top of the terradon there really wasn’t much room for a saddle along its back so instead I’ve just draped the legs over the neck- not the best result visually but it lends itself to the rider engaging into combat more than just sitting back for a nice Sunday flight.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

If you wanted to run kroot you could run a list like this: Soundwave – click to view full reply. O are those the Scourge wings? Astartes-like Kroot “Kroot’artes” could be a combination of both bloodlines, or independent of either. While the tournament organizers at MI40k. Great Knarlocs could be represented as Dread Knights, and everything in-between had a very reasonable counts-as choice.

Oaka Here are a couple pictures of how the head is going to turn out.