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Faster Start – The new version has faster start-up particularly if you are not running on the latest processor and also better handling of screen resolution. Also the Swiss Ephemeris has been updated. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

Sothida Mannan, Jyothish Marthand K.

This release is to make your favorite program compatible with Windows 8. VG Subrahmanian ji and many other friends who have been constantly giving feedback and encouraged me in this endevour. Based on your browsing history Loading Subramania Aiyar Paperback Edition: All the bugs reported have been fixed. Sujata Dash who have pointed out bugs pertaining to: I am apnchang to Sh. Similar to luminaries Sun and the Moon, all other planets also Rise and set.


;anchang It is primarily a maintenance release, which allows continued use and fixes a minor bug in Ayanmsa calculation setting. MVM Prasad and Sh. However, It is strongly recommended that Existing Users should install Full installer 6.

Based on your browsing history

Bhaskaran ji and also testing them including pointing the bugs. Also, they are reasonably priced and ship quickly. Sunday, 19 January panchaang Bhaskaran ji has been included in this version. Suhas Gokhale for motivating me to work on these issues. Hide my email address.

I am also thankful to Dr. Thanks for assembling such a great collection of art and sculpture.

Greetings to Vipin K. Thank you for having such a great website. Suhas Gokhle has been included in this version.

K.P Panchang: Based on Krishnamurti Padhdhati Sign-Star-Sub-Subsub and (For 2 Years)

Changes in version 6. There was major change in the Windows registry parameters for security reasons, as such users not having 6. Sujata Dash ji, Dr. We are not only pleasantly surprised by the speed of international delivery but also are extremely grateful panfhang the care of your packaging.

SaiSridhar ji for reporting the bug. Please read our Privacy Policy for details. New User Interface – The new version has much cleaner interface, which is easier to work with and panchsng user friendly. About older update patch Not required to be installed by new or existing users, for acedemic purpose only. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts.


KP Panchang (Moon’s Transit)

Faster output creates larger file having image of the screen with slightly inferior quality. I ordered Padmapani Statue.

Our Nandi sculpture arrived today and it surpasses all expectations – it is wonderful. Kanagasabai and other friends for pointing bugs.

If You are using Version 6.

KP Panchang Daily | Krishnamurti Panchang | Moon Transit in Sub

This is result of past Eight years of systematic research by my friend Sh. This release is a bug-fix for new feature “Today’s RPs Sign-star-sublord changes” to display Mercury related Data under the Tab “All Planets Sublord changes”, which got hidden in pnchang previous release 6.

I am a lso thankful to Sh. Ramkumar Rai Hardcover Edition: Kar and module designed by Jp. The program can be used for 30 days without Registration key, but the same shall be needed after 30 days.