The winder is a 4-rope Koepe winding machine with integrated motor. This type of design of the winder guarantee long-term stability of the entire drive system. Assembly of the winder in the workshop. 4-Rope Koepe winder. 3+1 Channel brake system. ▫ Statement of the investment and operating costs. ▫ Comparison of . The objective of this study is to monitor four Koepe winder head ropes, which have six triangular-shaped strands and are 38 mm in diameter, by.

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Koepe winder | Article about Koepe winder by The Free Dictionary

May 15th,Published in Articles: Comparison of the technical data, design, and availability of the planned machinery koepd reference plants. Completion of the shaft-hoisting system from planning to successful commissioning within only two years Completion of the system as scheduled, including planning and execution of shaft sinking, through optimum winer of technology and project timing Design and execution of the machinery for maximum availability and minimum maintenance through use of highly reliable state-of-the-art technology In South Australia, BHP BILLITON operates the underground copper and uranium mine Olympic Dam.

Section through the periphery of the Koepe koepr. The rope is disconnected from the bridle in the headgear, passed over the Koepe wheel and lowered to bank level by means of the bank winch A. Modern hoists are normally powered using electric motors, historically with direct current drives winddr Ward Leonard control machines and later solid-state converters thyristorshowever modern large hoists use alternating current drives that are variable frequency controlled.


The winder wheel is turned slightly to cause the head ropes to hang slackly. Spillage from the loading flask is negligible if the skip positioning magnets are located accurately. Device for lifting and supporting the drum shaft.

Hoist (mining)

Then the rope is driven by the driving wheel and after this it is sent back vertically into the shaft after passing another wheel at the winding tower. A typical duty-cycle from loading box to tip.

The winder is moved to release the suspension clamp on the new rope at bank level. This means that the availability of the system is not affected while damage of this kind is being repaired.

The ropes were mounted on steel trestles on the bank and wound onto the rope service winder in turn. The rock winder could only average 22 hoisting hours per day at an average of 28 trips per hour, the payload of 11,2 tonnes being drawn from three loading positions in the shaft. Principles and testing methods of earth ground resistance. Simulaiton of the dynamic loads. It has been found convenient, in such cases, to construct a concrete headgear designed for the addition of a tower-mounted Koepe winder or a ground-mounted drum winder.

The total weight of the head ropes, skips, tail ropes and a single payload is approximately tonnes. A pennant was suspended from main crane hook G and clamped to No. To design the machinery underground in such a way that the excavation of the shaft could be realised as kopee as possible.

Koepe winder

Koepe and drum winders. Comparing the performance of different ropes under specific Koepe or drum winder. How the Koepe hoisting principle works: The Olympic Dam Shaft 3 is designed as a downcast shaft for a capacity of 9.


To simplify work on the widner including pulling the ropes through the rope thimblea clamping and lifting device CLD kofpe provided that is designed to clamp all four hoisting ropes under full load. The preparation work involved the installation of the tail rope protection cover at the shaft bottom, the installation of the 20,3 tonne measuring bins and chutes and the erection of a 14 m ladder way in the shaft above the loading box, to facilitate head and tail rope installation.

The remaining time per day is occupied by compulsory examinations, unavoidable delays or unexpected shaft accidents. After that one of the pit cages arrived at the onset of a certain winxer and the other one arrived at the pit bank, there is a strong difference concerning the sharing of the loads: A two-tonne chain block is attached between each pair of pennants and a slight amount of tension is applied.

The rope kospe are balanced by means of hydraulic adjustment using resetting ranges of up to 1. The Ardic controller supervises the retardation of the winder only and shadows the helical controller by a cam and follower system.

The rest of the rope is removed from the rope service winder. Unless the skip is in the correct loading position, an interlocking magnetic contractor prevents the discharge door from being opened. Full speed is maintained constant to the beginning windsr the retardation period Point Birrespective of load.