Dde – Cleaneo Acoustic Board Ceilings for acoustical plaster. Dde Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic Board Ceilings KRAFT Akustik-Systeme. Knauf Cleaneo Akustik reduces noise reverberation whilst enhancing the design of any space. Sixteen different perforation styles give the specifier complete. Gypsum boards Knauf Cleaneo Akustik. sound insulation» Products» Drywall construction» Gypsum Boards KNAUF» Gypsum boards Knauf Cleaneo Akustik.

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Sound insulation for walls, the Mustwall line. Select the type of item you want to run – Suspended ceiling or partition wall. Privacy and Cookie Policy.

For this purpose are adequate only 3 steps:. More about the hotels. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Weiter Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic Gypsum board for sound absorption with air cleaning effect.

The back side can be masked with an acoustic veil in white or black. Knauf calculator for calculating the indicative quantities of materials required for suspended ceiling or bulkhead. With Knauf Calculator you can quickly and easily calculate the indicative amounts of materials that you will need to build your suspended ceiling or bulkhead. Do you want to change the language? Knauf Cleaneo is an acoustic-plane design with cleanfo additives gypsum core, pink colored cardboard back and facial card ivory.


More about the Festspielhaus. Language selection Which language kanuf you speak?

Knauf – Cleaneo

cleneo MDF perforate boards for absorption 0. Philharmonic Hall – Poland The newly constructed philharmonic hall in the centre of the town blends in seamlessly with the architecture of the Polish coastal city of Stettin.

For this purpose are adequate only 3 steps: Knauf Cleaneo panels are ideal for improving the climate and reduce harmful substances in indoor fleaneo, while offering acoustics and design.

You have selected the language English. Set the size of the item and get a list of basic necessary materials and quantities. Knauf Cleaneo Akustik SK square perforated. GORS – Lativa A regional and multifunctional centre, “GORS”, which provides space for cultural events in an optimum acoustic environment was the challenge which faced the team of architects in Eastern Latvia.

More about the hall. Knauf Cleaneo Akustik SK round perforated 0. Festspielhaus Erl – Austria The Festspielhaus in the Tirolean town of Erl was completed in and forms a counterpart to the plain and unheated passion play theater, which can also be claeneo in winter. Kalibel stone wool 0. More about knaur Lativan centre.


D for suspended ceiling.

Cleaneo Akustik (Apertura)

Select the system on which you want to do – eg. Do you have any questions?

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