Since , we at Knauf have been dealing with this versatile raw material and have been continually discovering innovative and intelligent applications. On this . You are, just like us, fascinated by the raw material Gypsum and you are interested to learn more about it? Then this is the right place! Just click through and. They prove their benefits day to day particularly in the building materials industry, and have been incorporated in Knauf products for decades. Even customers.

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A further difference is the application thickness, which is about 10 mm less with calcium sulphate flowing screed. Alpha hemihydrate is a fascinating raw material with exceptional properties. The differences are mainly in the aggregates, which aansetzgips in accordance with the method of application, for example, such as the mobile trans-mix vehicles or silos.

In areas permanently exposed to moisture such as bathrooms or balconies, vapour barriers or professionally applied sealants ensure that there is sufficient protection. In garages, the entrance zones where the moisture is at its greatest must be sealed. Yes, this is possible. Gypsum rock is one of the most important mineral building materials. How can I determine ansetzigps the supplied flowing screed material is quality monitored and compliant to the snsetzgips CAB 30 Classification acc.

From a chemical standpoint, gypsum is calcium sulphate and can be expressed with the formula CaSO 4 x 2H 2 O. Application Cementitious screed is mixed on the building site and pumped onto the application surface anseyzgips compressed air. It is a material that is readily used to manufacture models and forms thanks to its simple processing, high strength and contour retention in craftwork, in industrial applications as well as by artists and sculptors.


Flowing screed can be applied across the entire living space including kitchens and bathrooms. With one of the largest alpha hemihydrate manufacturing plants in the world, we can ensure your material demands, even at peak times. The aggregates do not need to be dried when multicameral silos are used.

They are suitable for the most diverse applications in the building materials industry: Download product data sheet. Our ultra-white alpha hemihydrate is the cost-effective basis for premium dental gypsum plasters.

Binders that can be used compliant with the European standard EN are: Flowing screed compound on an alpha hemihydrate basis for manufacturing calcium flowing screed with mobile trans-mix vehicle and as factory-mixed dry mortar. Alpha hemihydrate – our allrounder We manufacture alpha hemihydrate in various qualities with clearly defined property profiles.

Mein Merkzettel Gesamten Merkzettel ansehen. When applied as a cooled floor, ensure that condensation does not form on the floor. Technical advice Our experts from Knauf answer your questions.

You would like to work with our compounds in the future? Its areas of application: A good example of European cooperation and an important contribution to global conservation of nature and the environment. Hier erfahren Sie mehr. Anrufer, die nicht mit Telefonnummer in der Knauf Adressdatenbank angelegt sind, z.

Electronic test devices are only suitable for preliminary testing. The designations derive from differing standards: The diverse material Gypsum is an essential part of our natural habitat: In ancient Jericho, walls and floors were made of gypsum more than anetzgips, years ago.

Alpha Gypsum Always in use.


Knauf – Flowing screed binders

Find out more about alpha gypsum. Are you looking for a suitable binder or the right filler? The tubes for the underfloor heating system must be filled with ansetzhips and anchored to the substrate.

These compounds convince with their ansetzgipe features and diversity, as they are also suitable for mobile trans-mix technology. Both the technology for desulphurization as well as the development for the application of FGD gypsum in the building materials industry is based on andetzgips research and development work and our comprehensive know-how as well as close cooperation with the operators of power plants.

It is hardly surprising that the demand is increasing steadily for this “miraculous material”.

Alpha Gypsum

CA-CF5 is a designation according to DIN EN for conventional calcium sulphate screed as well as for calcium sulphate flowing screed and defines the material and technical properties of the screed. By selecting suitable aggregates and adequate quantities of water, calcium sulphate screed can be manufactured in different strength classes.

The good flowability ensures that the heating tubes are securely enveloped ensuring that the heat is transferred completely to the screed. Find out more about additional gypsums.

Alpha hemihydrate as a raw material is a very reactive and highly stable binder that will react with water within a ansezgips short period without a catalyst.

When subjected to moisture, Ettringite, a salt that damages the building substance can be formed.