Köp böcker av Kerstin Gier: Safirblå; Dream on; Emerald Green Rubinrot – Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten. av Kerstin Gier. Häftad, Tyska, Katharina Schöde (screenplay), Kerstin Gier (novel) Maria Ehrich and Jannis Niewöhner in Rubinrot () Maria Ehrich and Laura Berlin in Rubinrot (). Title: Ruby Red (original title Rubinrot – Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten). Author: Kerstin Gier. Genre: Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Historical.

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La historia me ha encantado de principio a fin. What’s the point of the time traveling if it’s only for a few minutes to a couple of hours? The plot is moderately original and well organized, although it is obvious that this trilogy is of a kind whose books don’t really have self-contained story arcs but rather are parts of one big story.

Bis sie sich eines Tages aus heiterem Himmel in London um die letzte Jahrhundertwende wiederfindet Minor spoilers ahead Let’s see. Lavinia is sent away and Alcott and Alastair fight Gideon and Gwyneth.

Was ihr dagegen nicht klar ist: It was fast paced rubinrto a cute story. With 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, Lena Holoway does the unthinkable: Builds up with hidden secrets and uncertainty in who can be trusted.

Gideon gets up, unharmed, and reveals that after the circle closed, he took the philosopher’s stone to rubinrog, instead of to the Count, where Lucy and Paul dissolved it in water and he drank it, making him immortal, and able to live forever with Gwenyth. She’s way too immature for a 16 years old girl!


Gideon has kershin blood read into the chronograph, and with the circle now complete, the philosopher’s stone is revealed, and Gideon hides the salt-like substance. Yes No Report this. No matter my confusion of what I think I have to know what happens.

Kerstin Gier

He is the fifth in the circle, and is known as the Emerald or the Eagle. My favourite line of all had to be this, “When we had come in, someone had risen from a chair at the desknodded to Mr. Racokzy’s drug use has made his eyes opaque like a corpse’s.

Die Geschichte hat tubinrot bisher sehr gut gefallen. Eventually, Lucas figures out that it is the first chronograph, and Gwyneth realizes that with it, she can travel back in time whenever she wants, though with a certain limit, and Lucas brings her to the Dragon Hall lerstin explains to her how to work the chronograph, and uses the chronograph to have Gwyneth travel even further back in time to visit Lady Tilney, who was expecting her.

There are a few parts where you can tell it was written by an Anglophile rather than a real Briton, and many places where you can tell it was written by an adult rather than a teen most of Gwen’s movie star tidbits go back to the 90s.

View all 17 comments. The characters talked too much and I kind of understood the story but then I kind of did not at the same time.

Caution – LOTS of fat shaming in chapter All the events happening in this book were really exciting, from Gwyneth discovering it’s her possessing the time travel gene and not her cousin Charlotte, to all the funny and sometimes scary situations she encounters during her expected and sometimes unexpected time travels, to Gwyneth seeing dead people’s ghosts She always helped Charlotte who was pretty much arrogant.


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Rubinrot (Edelstein-Trilogie, #1) by Kerstin Gier

She was raised in a family full of secrets where her cousin Charlotte was the center of attention and care. Normal enough, but she comes from a family who can time-travel. To make this all worse, the entire plot takes place in England, however, the entire movie is in German!? Her mother has a big role, which I love in YA novels because parents do exist! Super judgmental and flip flops very quickly about what girl he likes.

Böcker av Kerstin Gier

Charlotte is apparently this generation of Montrose’ traveller, called the Ruby, and she has been trained since early childhood. Male lead is an idiot and shallow as hell too. Until the day Gwen, out of the clear blue sky, suddenly finds herself in London at the end of the 19th century. I really hope to see some major character development in the next books. They elapse back to the present, then go back to the past kerston meet James at Hyde Park where Gideon gives him the smallpox vaccine.