transformer, test leads, and input jacks — must be purchased from Keithley Instruments. Standard fuses with For analog filter (Models A/A only) . leaving the factory the A and A meet these specifications. the Series A Reference Manual for additional power derating. Keithley A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley A User Manual.

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For this example, the System SourceMeter instrument is programmed to sweep voltage to 10 V, limit current 6 mA and limit power 50 mW.

Theory of operation The first graph in the figure marked “A: The present termination sequence is always returned. You can run a script from the front panel of any instrument node connected to the system. Section 2 General operation In this section: Calibration Voltage source accuracy Follow the steps below to verify keighley the Series B output voltage accuracy is within specified limits.

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Instrument programming Lua memory management Lua automatically manages memory, which means you do not have to allocate memory for new objects and free it when the objects are no longer needed. Channel A pulses voltage from a bias level of 0 V smua. In addition to the above constants, standardRegister can be set to the numeric equivalent of the bit to set. For the termSequence parameter, use the same values listed in the table above for type. Example Assume line 4 is set high, and it is then read.


Appendix A Maintenance In this appendix: To perform this test, you will set the output voltage to each full-range value and measure the voltages with a precision digital multimeter. TSP command reference Details The tspnet. Toggles between the various source-measure displays and the user message mode.

REM This indicator is illuminated when the instrument is in the remote control state. The model interactive sourcemeter instrument reference manual is a complete reference. To ensure accuracy of readings, the instrument must periodically obtain fresh measurements of its internal ground and voltage reference.

Output characteristics” shows the output characteristics for the V-source. Once you enable the password feature, the Series B stores this password until the LAN configuration is reset or until you reset the password.

C-1 Establishing a point-to-point connection Swtchng e hndbk52fnl capacitor battery electricity. This attribute is stored with the active calibration set. In the Connect To dialog box, click the Connect using list. Y on manuall smuX. Functions and features Filters The filter feature lets you set the filter response to stabilize noisy measurements. Change the compliance value see Setting values on page If manul script is not saved to nonvolatile memory, the script is lost when the instrument is turned off.

Contact Check Connections Functions and features Buffer storage control attributes The following table contains buffer storage control attributes.

LAN concepts and settings 5. Empty the buffer using the bufferVar. Power module Contains the AC line receptacle and power line fuse.


Functions and features Statistic attributes Use the smuX. The present relative offset value is displayed. This detected line frequency is used for aperture NPLC calculations. If the trigger count is greater than the number of points specified, the SMU will start over keighley the beginning value. Alternatively, you can arrange to have keithley instruments upgrade your firmware at the. This attribute does not indicate the actual setting presently in effect. The calibration due date can be read at any time but can only be assigned a new value when calibration has been enabled with the smuX.

General operation Configuration menus The configuration menu structure is summarized in the following figure 2366a table.

Keithley A Manuals

A bit in the LXI trigger packet called the hardware value simulates the maanual of a hardware trigger line. Be sure keihley back up your script to your computer before deleting. General operation Main menu The main menu structure is summarized in the following figure and table. The display screen options include the following: The logical operations work on bit integers.

Select Auto-detect Instrument Driver – Model. Series a system sourcemeter instruments reference manual explains how to determine the. Front Panel Operation