Implementors of JSTL and authors of JSP pages may find the The JavaServer Pages™ Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification is the result. The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) is a component of the Java EE Web application development platform. It extends the JSP specification by. Apache hosts the Apache Standard Taglib, an implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification. Various versions are.

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It is also common to use the term L10N, for localization. In another example, we might want to output some data values that have been stored in a scoped variable called myData.

Let’s examine how the data source is set up and configured. There are four general-purpose tags.

While the JSTL is commonly referred to as a single tag library, it is actually composed of four separate tag libraries: The two displays are shown as they would appear if you were to view the source of the resulting file in your browser. A more graceful handling of an error is shown in Example 3. Again, this is as if you had made ServletRequest. To address both of these functional areas, let’s first take a cursory look at what pieces are involved in creating international applications.

If a parameter that represents the month is passed in the request as a Stringthe value of the month variable will be correct because the String will be coerced to the correct type when used.

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library – Wikipedia

To ensure that the data is displayed to the user correctly we would use: With escapeXml defaulting to true:. General-purpose actions that are used to manipulate the scoped variables that might be found within a JSP. In this chapter, we’ll explore these internationalization actions.

Anyone who has worked with JSPs before can certainly appreciate the ease-of-use and coding simplification possible with the EL. These actions come under the functionality of the I18N umbrella. Let’s walk through code samples to see how we use each of the tags provided in this library.

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

This includes pagerequestsession ,or application scope. This allows for the specififation evaluation to be sent to the JspWriter. The set of tags that are available in the Core tag library come into play for probably most anything you will be doing in speciflcation JSPs. The overriding theme throughout the JSTL is simplifying the life of the page author. Using the JSTL will not only make your JSPs more readable and maintainable, but will allow you to concentrate on good design and implementation practices in your pages.


In this example, we would be accessing a variable already set, called userNameStringthat nstl then be used as a parameter to the message. Sue can also be found speaking at various technical conferences around the country. The JSTL defines appropriate conversions and default values.

For example, a String parameter from a request will be coerced to the appropriate object or primitive. Functionality is included in the EL for relational, arithmetic, and logical operators. The initParam gives access to context initialization parameters, while cookie exposes cookies received in the request.

The following sections are excerpted from various chapters within the JSTL: However, since these actions are included in the JSTL,I must make sure you understand them and their features so that you can make an informed decision.