Though labeled a sequel to Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades is very much a While it expands upon ideas introduced in the earlier novel, John Scalzi. Rather than continue the story of John Perry, year-old recruit to the Colonial Defense Forces, The Ghost Brigades shifts focus to the. The Ghost Brigades is the second book in the Old Man’s War series. The Ghost Brigades are the Special The Ghost Brigades cover. Book. Author, John Scalzi.

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In order to catch a traitorous military scientist, Charles Boutin, the Colonial Defense Forces fhost a recording of his consciousness into a new body.

OMW really hit the spot when I read it a number of years ago, the surprise at what these elderly folks were getting themselves into when they signed up for the military at the end of their lives was a great one and the action was non-stop for the rest of the book. Still, I found the story to be fast paced with battle action pretty much from the get go. The Ghost Brigades is part of a growing sub-genre of jjohn science fiction.

I will say that one of the best parts of this novel was the decision of Scalzi to analyze what spacefaring humans in the future would feel about the genre of science-fiction as we know it today.

Discarded heads brigaves in another barrel next to the table. Left behind is an archived copy of his consciousness, part of Boutin’s research into consciousness transfer.

The Ghost Brigades – Wikipedia

This book is no different. Jan 31, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked it and will read more of this absorbing series. They’ve learned that three species are gearing up to fight a war against The Colonial Union. What is important about choice? I had my issues, but this is a good book. There are a couple of hooks that ensure I’ll be continuing with the next hhost in the series.


Can either group choose a path not predetermined for them by their designers? The Obin wage war relentlessly, but not out of hate.

SF : The Ghost Brigades / John Scalzi ★★★★

Views Read Edit View history. After the attempt seemingly fails, the soldier named Jared Dirac, after Paul Dirac becomes a ojhn in the Special Forces and is assigned to a platoon commanded by Jane Sagan.

Unfortunately the human factor and the humor that John Perry brought to Old Man’s War is as absent as Perry is in this story. Still, I’d say that the mission was accomplished.

The Ghost Brigades

But, the biggest let-down was how disappointing the characters bbrigades. Now that I think about it, maybe Scalzi is writing future science fact – he does look a bit like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. The Colonial Defense Forces CDF learn that one of their top consciousness transfer scientists, Charles Boutin, has turned traitor and sparked an unprecedented alliance between three other species to wipe out humanity.

Boutin’s daughter Zoe is retrieved by the survivors of the mission, including Sagan. The story itself is much better than that of ‘Old Man’s War’, and it really blows open the setting and gives us a lot more detail about the universe these characters inhabit.


It goes down easy.

Pleasure doing business with you, King of the World. It’s set in the same world and there is a crossover of a character or two, but it’s very much it’s own separate story. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. In order to circumvent that, they have small computer called BrainPal, synthetically integrated into their brain and nervous system, which purpose is to accelerate development, learning, understanding and communication with the others of the Special Forces John’s humanity made his journey more compelling to read because we could relate to his feelings.

The Ghost Brigades deals almost exclusively with the Special Forces who have been nicknamed the Ghost Brigades on account of their entire Forces using the bodies of people who did not enter the military, but for whom a clone body was created, for new consciences. I’m looking forward to reading The Last Colony, and I hope that it’s a similar deal in that, too. The perspectives chosen to construct the narrative third person and close third person are an unwelcome departure from Old Man’s War ‘s first person, and this results in a slight feeling of disjointedness and a lack of intimacy.

It sounds cool, until you actually think about it.

These soldiers are born into these bodies, and only through their BrainPal do they know what to do.