John Ruskan is the author of Emotional Clearing ( avg rating, 59 ratings, 10 reviews, published ), Emotional Clearing ( avg rating, 8 ratings. “Ruskan’s Emotional Clearing is full of useful insights into emotional healing, and from John Ruskan- . “Ruskan has achieved a challenging and difficult task. Emotional Clearing: A Groundbreaking East West Guide to Unconditional John Ruskan, Author Broadway Books $25 (p) ISBN

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It became apparent that the blocking of the negative feelings due my unconscious resistance also blocked my positive experience and expression of life. Soul Mission, Life Vision.

John Ruskan (Author of Emotional Clearing)

Should I lash out, should I hurt people who hurt me, should I yell and attack and get it off my chest? It’s not a no-brainer. He has some interesting ideas. There’s a recent development that has me excited. But don’t be dismayed.

Emotional Clearing: A Groundbreaking East West Guide to Unconditional Happiness

And at the same time how I never took responsibility! Identify and release the unconscious suppressed feelings that cause your depression. It’s Monday Only in Your Mind. You’ve successfully reported this review. Negative feelings in the subconscious easily overpower any contrary thought that might be held in the conscious mind in order to attract positive conditions.

Gradually, the light grew brighter. If full feeling occurs, the feeling energy is exhausted, and no suppression takes place. However, Couldn’t finish it. Becoming a Practical Mystic. Do you hunger for psychologically substantial in-depth information and super-effective guidance as you work on yourself?

After Relaxation, the next step is Awareness. If you are interested in learning more about the Emotional Clearing approach, I would urge you to read the book as a first step. The inner resistance that blocks full feeling occurs on a mental level but it can take a certain behavioral form, which may need to be adjusted. Love and a Map to the Unaltered Soul.


Take Me To Truth: May 15, Erica Golin is currently reading it. Open Preview See a Problem? Negative feelings must be released directly by some kind of process based on a sophisticated understanding of how the subconscious works.

You want to evolve. The subconscious, as you’ve probably heard, is much vaster than the conscious mind, and therefore easily overpowers it.

I do not think any other book has helped me free myself so effectively except Pema Chodron. At the Water’s Edge. Consciousness starts to shift to the right-brainthe seat of authentic feeling.

We appreciate your feedback. Kate rated it really liked it Oct 04, I now see that cleaging work ruskann most vital to my personal evolution as well as that of the world, because we are all ultimately connected.

If you apply tapping as you follow the ECP protocol, you will have a much more successful result. Many of the EC Facilitators are also trained in tapping modalities. You submitted the following rating and review.

I love that it encourages healing by yourself and not dependent on anyone. I’m intently searching for a way to put this together. Many of my friends who were in therapy were still greatly troubled by negative emotions. Resources including a life-altering Audio CD training program for Emotional Clearing and higher consciousness.

I felt myself really growing. There is no need to laboriously try to hold positive thoughts in the mind, which only adds to left-brain stress and a sense of becoming isolated in your mind, losing touch with reality, and increasing the ego-driven self-orientation which all true schools of consciousness development teach you to transcend.


As I look honestly at myself, I see areas that call out in distress. Apr 16, Sarah Santoro rated it it was ok. In fact, because of the law of Dualityholding positive thoughts in the mind to try to counter negative feeling energies in the subconscious will only stir up those negative feelings and attract more negativity!

In our journey of consciousness, we must clear the planes in ascending order: Learn how to manage the feelings your relationship triggers.

Emotional Clearing OM Page

I finally had to admit that there was work to do on the emotional level, and that my growth will be limited until I do it, and that my particular discipline was not equipped to help me with this, beyond encouraging me to replace negative feelings with love.

Jul 19, Susan rated it it was jihn. When negative feelings are not handled properly, they do not release, but get stored in latent form in what has come to be called “the subconscious,” or, in Eckhart Tolle’s terminology, the Pain Body. The way it really ruuskan is that it’s the energy that’s buried deep in the subconscious that attracts things to you.

You create angry people, you chose your emotionnal parents, you got into that car accident because of your negative thoughts”.