Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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All holes left by ties shall be made good within one day of the removal of the formwork using a mortar of the same strength as the cast concrete. Preboring of piles may be allowed for the following reasons: It shall be of sufficient height and spacing to allow small pools to form between each one and also promote sedimentation behind the dam.

Any system wall partition selected shall be installed strictly according to the manufacturer’s specifications and details to the S. The Contractor, when required by the S.

Standard Specification for Road Works (JKR/SPJ/1988)

Method statement for construction operations 2. Cement sand bricks shall not be used for toilet walls. Project Signboard The Contractor shall provide, erect, paint and maintain a project signboard in Bahasa Melayu as shown on the relevant drawing or as directed by the S. The Contractor shall ensure that holes and fixings are properly constructed. Release agents shall not be used with the liner and any residual release agent remaining on forms specificatipn previous use shall be removed.

During and after concreting under water, pumping or dewatering operations in the immediate vicinity shall be suspended until the S. In clays disturbance can cause positive pore pressure to develop and the strength of the soil may increase as these dissipate. Removal Of Unsuitable Material 5.


JKR Standard Specification pdf – Free Download PDF

The trial excavation shall be carried out on a flat platform in order to develop the rated horsepower at maximum efficiency. If desired, the auxiliary system may also be referenced to these benchmarks. Unless an instantaneous-recovery blasting machine is used, jor cleaned steel surface shall be air-blasted with clean dry air and vacuum-cleaned or otherwise freed from abrasive residues and dust immediately after cleaning.

For any exposed surface only one release agent shall be used throughout the entire area.

Standard Specification for Road Works: Section 9: Concrete (JKR/SPJ/S) – REAAA Wiki

Expansion joints, where applicable, shall be allowed and constructed exactly specificatiion indicated in the Drawings. No accumulation of trapped water and deleterious matter shall be allowed in the components. The Contractor shall provide and maintain safe working conditions with sufficient illumination wherever persons are required to work or pass. Lengthening of piles i Where piles have to be lengthened, other than by means of welding of steel plates as detailed on the Drawings, the reinforcement shall be stripped of all surrounding concrete for a distance equal to forty 40 times the diameter of the main reinforcement measured from the pile head for spliced joints and mm for butt welded joints and all lateral reinforcement shall be speification.

No standing or flowing water shall be allowed to come into contact with exposed concrete surfaces during the first two 2 hours after placing and compaction of the concrete. Samples of the insulation material shall be submitted to the S.


In unison, these new specifications have a significant positive impact on the construction industry especially with the incorporation of new products and technologies, Standard Specification specifciation Road Works is an essential componenl in the road infrastructure construction industry. These documents must be submitted before acceptance and approval of construction: Crossing using pipe jacking method and horizontal drilling method.

Testing Of Aggregates Table D3: Submission of results 2. Chutes extending to near the base shall be employed for raking piles of s;ecification diameter. Where such water supply is not available, potable water shall be provided from sources approved by the S.

Care 2104 be taken to avoid placing a bolt in any end split. Unless otherwise shown on the Drawings or described in the B. Access And Temporary Roads The Contractor shall provide and maintain all necessary temporary entrance to the Site and temporary culverts, tracks, bridges, et cetera for access to and within the Site as long as required to the approval of the S.

Designated borrow pits shown on the Drawings only indicate to the Contractor potential areas for borrow.

It is the responsibility of the Contractor to obtain all such information for these items of work and to obtain the approval of the S.

Any batch of aggregate rejected by specfication S. The construction joints shall be made as few as possible with reasonable precautions against shrinkage.

All such payments made, shall be reimbursed to the Contractor on production of receipted bills.