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It is the only glossmeter combining highest accuracy, ease-of-use and multiple functionality – essential for today`s testing requirements. JIS Z Road Markings – Traffic Signs. Gloss. Laboratory. Road Markings. Traffic Signs. The following devices are in accordance with JIS Z The very first glossmeter featuring a ” touchscreen display for measurement of all gloss ranges from matt to high gloss up to 2′ GU.

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The concentration of the lithium salt dissolved in the solvent is preferably within the range of 0. Therefore, the non-woven fabric is inadequate for the use in a lithium-ion secondary battery. Injection of the nonaqueous electrolyte is suitably carried out using a vacuum injection method but is not limited thereto.

However, since as shown in FIG. The lithium-ion secondary battery comprises an anode, a cathode, a separator, a solvent and a nonaqueous electrolyte.

US9601737B2 – Lithium-ion secondary battery separator – Google Patents

If the amount of the ultra-microfibers to the non-woven fabric mass is too less, the ratio of short-circuit would not be improved. Since the lithium-ion secondary battery separator formed of the composite non-woven fabric of the present invention has smaller pore diameters between the fibers by combining the non-woven fabric and the ultra-microfibers, it causes difficulty in short-circuit between the electrodes in spite of the smaller thickness and high porosity and thus can enhance the safety.

The nonaqueous electrolyte used in the lithium-ion secondary battery may be an electrolyte produced by dissolving a lithium salt in a solvent. The composite non-woven fabric of the present invention produced as described above is enhanced in laminate strength and small in diameter of pores between the fibers because the fibers partially fused to one another. The ultra-microfiber may be a continuous fiber or a short fiber if it can be fusion-fixed to the non-woven fabric by heat pressing.

PE of polyolefins are particularly preferably used. A mixture of 15 g of artificial graphite, 0.

Zehntner ZOL Glossmeter

The ultra-microfiber may 871 a core-sheath structure. Measuring Accuracy 0 – GU: Laminated separator for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery member, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery.

The lithium-ion secondary battery separator according to claim 1wherein the non-woven fabric is formed from core-in-sheath type composite fibers containing a thermoplastic material as the sheath component or the core-in-sheath type composite fibers and other fibers of thermoplastic materials.


The Zehntner ZOL Online-Glossmeter is a tailored gloss-measuring system for industrial areas for contactless online measurement of all gloss ranges from matt to high gloss up to 2’GU. Therefore, the glossiness is desirously 3 or higher. Any active material used in a so-called 4 V class lithium-ion secondary battery may be used.

For example, when the thermoplastic material is low in melting point, the heat pressing temperature is lowered to obtain a predetermined glossiness. As the collector, materials jiss excellent oxidation resistivity are used for the cathode and materials with excellent reduction resistivity are used for the anode. A non-woven fabric that is thick and large in jiw would have a problem that it produces film portions when being heat-pressed and thus deteriorates the battery characteristics.

The lithium-ion secondary battery separator according to claim 12wherein the composite is a laminated and integrated composite. With regard to the lower limit glossiness, the glossiness which is low even after being heat-pressed indicates that the fibers do not fuse by heat-pressing and thus the non-woven fabric has a problem in strength. Photos of the surface of a fiber assembly thus produced was taken with nis electron scanning microscope SU manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd.

The thermoplastic material jiss preferably a melting point that is equal to or lower than the melting point of the material constituting the ultra-microfiber used in the present invention.

The reason for using the glossiness of the non-woven fabric alone containing no ultra-microfiber is that as described above, when jix are contained, they scatter light and thus the glossiness of the original non-woven fabric fiber cannot be measured. Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery separator and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery. Separator for electrochemical device, electrochemical device and method for manufacturing the same.

For a film-armored battery with an exterior that is a pack of an aluminum laminated film, the electrode and the separator are preferably bonded to each other to be integrated. Specifically, examples of the cathode collector include aluminum, stainless steel and the like and examples of the anode collector include copper, nickel, stainless steel and the like.

Alternatively, the assembly may be impregnated with the nonaqueous electrolyte before being put in the exterior package. PC Software Data logging software. The foil was jiw out to be 15 mm in diameter and pressed thereby producing a cathode. The blend ratio of the active material, the binder polymer and the conductive agent is preferably 3 87441 30 parts by mass of the binder polymer on the basis of parts by mass of the active material and 10 parts by mass or less of the conductive agent if contained.


Analog output of the measuring value, outputs for out of range measurements and changing reels i. A lithium-ion secondary battery separator resolves defects of a non-woven fabric separator which is not suitable for use in 871 a battery.

If too many ultra-microfibers are used, they affect the basis weight or thickness of the composite non-woven fabric. Recently, the use of a non-woven fabric having excellent liquid retainability and the like as a separator has been, therefore, proposed. Next, description will be given to a lithium-ion secondary battery comprising the separator of the present invention.

The separator is thin and does not short-circuit and has excellent electrolyte retainability and rate characteristics. Generally, the glossiness is adjusted by lowering the pressure when the heat pressing temperature is raised and increasing the pressure when the heat pressing temperature is lowered.

These may be copolymers. Overview Your Benefits Your Benefits.

Standard JIS Z 8741

Separator for lithium ion secondary battery, nis manufacturing method and lithium ion secondary battery. Specifically, a method is generally used, wherein an assembly of a cathode and an anode joined together via the separator of the present invention is put in an exterior package and an nonaqueous electrolyte is injected therein, followed by sealing the injection port.

In particular, the cathode collector is preferably aluminum foil and the anode collector is preferably copper foil. Examples include various thermoplastic materials that are polyolefins such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene, polyesters such as polyethylene terephthalate, polytrimethylene terephthalate, polybutylene terephthalate, polyethylene naphthalate and polybutylene naphthalate, polyamides, polyimides, polyacrylonitriles and polyvinyl alcohols.

Randomly, 10 photos from the photos taken were selected to measure the diameters of all the fibers in the 10 photos and calculate the average of the diameters thereby obtaining the average diameter of the fibers.

Separator for a nonaqueous secondary battery and a nonaqueous secondary battery. Examples of the lithium salt dissolved in the solvent include lithium perchlorate, lithium hexafluorophosphate, lithium tetrafluoroborate, lithium hexafluoroarsenate, lithium trifluoro sulphate, ji perfluoromethylsulfonylimide and lithium perfluoroethylsulfonylimide. Separator for nonaqueous system secondary battery, and the nonaqueous system secondary battery.