Hi all, Dose anyone know if it is possible to download a user manual for a Jessops AFD Flashgun (Canon fit). I have e-mailed Jessops but. If you press the mode button on the flash it will go into manual mode The model i am looking at is the Jessops AFD Digital Flashgun for. For Canon DSLRs – with Guide No 36, Bounce and Swivel, Built-in diffuser/ reflector, backlit LCD, adjustable power and AF light.

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What are you trying to do with it that you would require the instructions for? Power-save will kick in and then you’ve have to walk up to the flash and press a button to wake it up again. Good comments from Pete.

Jessops AFD Check availablity: Take note as you go along. This makes it easier to change the head’s position with just one hand, but also less secure if you attach heavy light modifiers to the head. There is manual override for the power zoom. Again, the best answer to that would be in the “Nikon Chat” forum and not here.

Is there any solution to this? If you use a small aperture the flash range will be less. Log in or Sign up. Send my your email address and I can send one. I’m glad you asked the question about a flashgun for 360sfd complete idiot because you’ve now got a complete idiot to answer your question!

Sep 21, Photography. For such a low priced unit, it offers an impressive set of features.

Manual/leaflet for a Jessops AFD flashgun for Nikon. – Fixya

I have the same flash on the camera i am getting and it doesnt have the manual but im sure it wont be too hard to figure it out. It even has a built in optical slave trigger, but this is not TTL-compatible. Disney Pix Click Digital Camera.


Separate names with a comma. Thanks in advance regards Darren. As a Canon owner, I’ll do my best I would contact them by email or phone an ask. The zoom range for the flash is mm so obviously if you use a lens that zooms outside this range the flash will jessols be able to adjust to match the lens.

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It goes from 24 mm to 85 mm FX. The flash didn’t come with a manual so I was a tad confused about the settings!

Flash: Jessops AFD | DPanswers

Jan 30, Cameras. By joining our free community you will be able to post photographs for critique, join in the monthly photography competitions, respond to polls, upload content and enjoy many other mannual features. I think if you gave us more details of the exact make and model of flashgun plus details of the make and model of camera you intend to use it on then we could give you much more targeted information Lesley, but without that information I’m afraid we are like a camera without a flashgun Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories.

Not all third party guns have them but they stop the jeasops getting knocked off. The flash has a zoom function, in the default automatic mode, when the flash is 360qfd forwards not angled up for bounce and you are using a zoom lens the flash will adjust its zoom to try and make the best match for the focal length of the lens.


Jessops 360 AFD Flashgun

Without having actually seen the mqnual in action I would think it is broken from what you ate saying. ChrisDHornerDec 12, On Camera Use By default everything is automatic.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please join Photography Forum. A real big thank you to you guys for getting that to me now i know jessopx to use it!! It can be used as a five level varipower manual flash with any camera. Well it seems that it works with some of my 360afv and kessops it don’t??? Roger SNov 25, Any more questions ask here and I’ll help.

Manual mode on your camera would be a different thing but don’t worry about that for now. The model i am looking at is the Jessops AFD Digital Flashgun for Canon one question for those in the know that i have is my Canon 7D can appartenly fire a flash gun remotley off camera, is this also applicable to the above mentioned flash. Posted on Jan 02, Here’s a beginners guide to using a built in flash but the same modes will be available on manuual Jessops gun.

There is no lock for the tilt and swing on the head. Did you not get the manual with it? It is quite a basic flash, but here are some tips on using it.