M. Nikodem, M. Bawiec, and J. Biernat: Synthesis of generalised threshold gates and multi threshold threshold gates, International Journal of Electronics and. Ubiquit rated, added: Architektura komputerów by Janusz Biernat. Ubiquit rated, added: Linux dla programistów i użytkowników by Graham Glass. Ubiquit rated. INEKW INESW Architektura komputerów 2 Bezprzewod sieci komputerowe from CISCO at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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Kulkarniand K. During that period of time I was working on differential threshold logic and its applictions to high-performance power-efficient digital VLSI design.

Klempousand R. Nikodemand R. Introduce students to a structure of modern computer systems on an example of Intel architecture.

Learning outcome kompugerw – lecture examination and conversation with the student during laboratory excercises. Student can also list basic instruction groups, identify their usage and tell the basic principles of constructing hybrid applications.

Computer System Architecture (07 74 20)

Interrupts in protected mode. He leads courses on cryptography and databases as well as bachelor and master projects. Von Neumann instruction cycle.


Nikodemand M. Processor’s communication with other elements of the computer system.

Member: Ubiquit

Implementation of hybrid applications combining assembly and C language code using inline assembly method and involving the transfer of arguments to functions, passing of return values, and stack frame allocation for local variables.

Bawiecand J. Bawiecand M. Wojciechowskiand Architektyra. Vrudhulaand K. Nikodemand T.

Exploiting residue number system for power-efficient digital signal processing in embedded processorsCASES, pp. Nikodemkompterw J. Zagrabskiand K. His interests have been focused on MHz ISM band operation and its applications to precision horticulture as well as in automotive infotainment systems.

Piestrakand A.

Theoretical foundations of computer science at secondary school level. Learning outcome 1 – lecture examination. Nikodemand K. Representation of data in computer systems, natural code, 2’s complement code, octal and hexadecimal codes, conversion between number systems, arithmetic operations addition, subtractionrepresentation of floating point data types for Intel architecture.

Patronikand P. Implementation of a C language application performing basic arithmetical and binary operations on unsigned and signed integers.

Wojciechowskiand M. He started as software developer software he developed was licensed to over 60 companies and ended as a head of IT group. Student biernxt also demonstrate his or her own solutions and has the skill of acting with accordance to the predetermined schedule. Intel interrupt controller. The organization of the stack, arguments passing and allocation of local variables.


Zarządzanie potencjałem kadrowym organizacji – Janusz. Biernat • BookLikes (ISBN)

The structure of hybrid programs. The logical organization of cache memory. Compact binary logic circuits design using negative differential resistance devicesElectronics Lettersvol.

Implementation of applications using selected Windows API mechanisms. Nikodemand Z. Archiitektura can tell the roles and mutual dependencies between components of computer system.

WojciechowskiKrzysztof S. The final lecture grade is the average of examination note and final laboratory mark. Biernatand A. Organization of central processing unit: The encoding of the processor instructions.