JANE YOLEN has written more than two hundred books for children and adults, including Sword of the Rightful King and the books in the Young Merlin trilogy. JANE YOLEN has written more than two hundred books for children and adults, including the three volumes in the Young Merlin Trilogy: Passager, Hobby, and. The Pit Dragon Trilogy [jane-yolen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Used, Very Good Condition, Clean, Kept Smoke Free Environment.

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While in janr barn he discovers that the people who counted the hatchlings made an error and they missed one. The dragon wins and Jakkin’s master congratulates him and tells Jakkin he actually let him steal the dragon. The book starts a little slow, but after the first three chapters Jakkin faces hardship after hardship, from stealing an egg to fighting evil drakks.

A few days after posting this triloy it occurred to me that there is another merit to this book and potentially to the series.

Dragon’s Blood: The Pit Dragon Chronicles: Book 1

I like my worlds tgilogy meticulously and strangely described, or perhaps at least more smooth integrations of infodumping. I picked this up, read half of it, sat it down, and promptly forgot about it.

There aren’t any reviews yet. Entertainment, food, clothing, etc, all come from dragons.

The book follows the story of a young bondsman, Jakkin, as he attempts to steal a hatchling dragon, raise it as his own, trillgy train it to fight in the jahe pits. Jakkin Stewart lives in slavery with other men and women they are known as bonders. One day, a Senator named Golden comes with a note from Akki, and asks Jakkin to spy on the rebels.


There isn’t a single pti in the book that our protagonist thinks maybe you shouldn’t own people. The male bondsmen a nice way of saying “slave” don’t interact with women, none of the work is done by women, women are very much “other” in every way.

It’s pretty obvious that the women in this world aren’t really considered people.

Dragon’s Blood: The Pit Dragon Chronicles: Book 1 Book Review

She apparentl I absolutely hated this atrocity of literature. May 22, Josie rated it it was ok Shelves: By the drafon, the inhabitants are called Austarians. Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from June All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Maybe some of these questions are answered in the following books, but yolej the author did such a poor job exploring her own world in this book that I just don’t care. Your dad gave you to me, and one day I’ll have enough money that you’ll gladly accept me as your master.

There are only two named female characters in the entire book– obvs they don’t speak to each other or interact, but you have a formerly-beautiful cook who used to be a sex worker, and a currently-beautiful teenager who was raised in dagon brothel. Well I wouldn’t ask the author of this book. Book with flying lizard – read in 90’s [s] 3 21 Sep 09, But with this knowledge comes responsibility.

In this culture, stealing dragon eggs is expected and encouraged. In the morning, Jakkin and Akki are reborn out of the dragon blood, and became the first real human Austarians, linked to each other and Heart’s Blood’s five hatchlings.

Why do dragons only respond to trainers when they speak thou and thee? The story is predictable, but it’s kind of hilarious how useless the hero, Jakkin, is.


Once a prison colony, the populace of Austere IV struggles economical, with many living in indentured servitude, but what does bring coin to the planet, are the dragon pits, where dragons are pitted against each other in the gladatorial arenas. The story is predictable, but it’s Re-read in May I’m wondering if I got all the references to drug addiction and prostitution when I read this as a child, because as an adult it leaves me baffled that a short, simple, supposedly-aimed-at-middle-grade story could be so I thought it was fine, perhaps a little derivative of McCaffrey’s books, but with its own twists.

Not sure why I’ve never remembered to add them.

Dragon’s Blood

Then in later books the two heroes are “reborn” through a dying dragon which causes them to be permanently changed and disgusted with eating meat because they can now sense life like never before. I was expecting it to be a children’s book, but it makes no bones about some of the rougher aspects of Jakkin’s world prostitution, drug use and that places it more squarely in the YA arena.

About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to jaane a purchase. Her writing is vivid and gritty, even a bit edgy for its time. Overall, it is a good read for a young adult between the ages of eight and fourteen.