Régis Soavi regularly conducts workshops at the dojos in Milano, Paris, Toulouse and Rome, and at the summer workshop of the Itsuo Tsuda School in Mas. L’ecole Itsuo Tsuda propose la découverte de la philosophie pratique de Maître Tsuda à travers l’Aïkido et le Katsugen Undo. Exposition à l’occasion de la publication du livre “Itsuo Tsuda calligraphies de Printemps.

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That is why in certain martial arts influenced by Zen Buddhism, one seeks to eliminate the ego…. We come back to something everyone already knows, itauo when we were children. As one can be touched by a song without the need to understand the words.

Despite everything, women scarcely take the floor, or I should even say take up the pen in martial arts magazines.

Master Ueshiba began each session accordingly. If, when crossing a street, a car suddenly arrives, we jump to the side. In a world of unbridled accumulation and filling up, there are places where you can work with less.

Every weekday morning, a session at 6: Ce sont avant tout des pratiques du Non-faire.

Itsuo Tsuda

Every morning I have a great pleasure to see people getting there and taking their time, we are in a world where we do not take our time anymore…. The dojo is not affiliated to any federation. It is the technique that leads the breathing.

It is the first trauma and we are told: The sensation of coming back to myself is what led me to abandon the other things I did ; federation Aikido, Jujitsu, etc. Even though it is an improvisation, there are gestures which are a bit like a ritual.

In no way does this mean letting the child do whatever he wants, making him a king or becoming his slave; the world is there and surrounds him, so he needs reference points. We are not cured. We are simply concentrated in the act. The participants arrive little by little, sleepy-faced ; they murmur tzuda greetings as though reluctant to disturb the pale atmosphere of the Milanese dawn. To choose to wear the hakama involves to assume freedom, but also responsibility.


Sometimes, walking along the street, we tsua feel something at the nape of the neck.

His terrain was thus in a certain condition, for example with regard to the flexibility — which is often lost when at forty-five years of age. Instead of being confused, like that of a madman, it remains lucid.

Regis Soavi teaches and transmits the message of Itsuo Tsudaa direct disciple of master Ueshiba. What is even more interesting is that the individual can activate his life force on his own, with no need itsyo another person, no need to ask someone else to itduo it for him. Everybody talks about it nowadays.

The Non Doing – Yume Shop (Fonds Itsuo Tsuda)

He acts in such a way that the other begins to be a part of him. It is no use doing something quickly and badly. It is the base. At the beginning, when I was about tsjda years old, I saw this part as a kind of respiratory warming up, not to mention muscle warming up.

Every morning I have a great pleasure to see people getting there and taking their time, we are in a world where we do not take our time anymore… — Your sessions are designed for all without itsuk of irsuo and levels, you talk about a school without grades.

But in Aikido we have the fusion of sensitivity. When we have something wrong somewhere, we lay our hands on the spot without thinking of it, it happens spontaneously. He had discovered that, ysuda Katsugen Undo, there was no more need for someone to heal us. Each of these places in which the child will be spending his time in the name of education and learning is a mental prison.

Therefore particular care should be taken in education to preserve the innate nature of the child as much as possible. Ueshiba had without doubt a very strong relation to what is sacred.

Archives par mot-clé : katsugen undo

In our school, he who attacks, attacks ; the other becomes one with him: At the same time people search, there are a number of people who I consider companions they are no longer students. All these categories do not correspond to anything. They hold their breath so as to be always ready to defend themselves, to act in reply.


Life in its manifold aspects. O-Sensei Ueshiba gave a lot of importance itduo these exercises that meant to him something completely different then warming up. We see hakamas describing arabesques in the air, we hear laughter, sounds of falls, we see very slow movements, then suddenly without a word, partners accelerate and seem drawn into a dance until the fall frees.

Soavi, when you met Itsuo Tsuda in the 70s you were already engaged in the practice of martial arts. This applies to many other techniques, the way to get in, to reach the center, the hara, and so on.

A new perspective is created as our aptitude develops for that melding or fusion of sensitivity which affects human relationships and our reactions to life around us. A void is at work. I had the opportunity of touching his biceps. There is a very common and widespread deformation as far as respiration is concerned.

Meeting the breathing. – article – Itsuo Tsuda School

Everything is calculated, inculcated, schooled, and ordered. A somewhat improved state of slavery? In Aikido there is quite a number studa rituals that are kept up even though their real origin the source O Sensei drew from is not understood or there are sometimes other rituals that other masters found through ancient practices as Tamura Sensei himself did.

He was forty-five when he started, without ever having done any karate ktsuo judo or any other martial art before. Beginners, meanwhile, are in white kimonos and white belt. At first I was timidly interested of Master Tsuda, but the quality of this void, this emptiness that was moving around, it was very impressive and that was what made me decide: