ITLOS and other international dispute settlement institutions for law of the The bulk of the Statute deals with the organization of the ITLOS. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) is an intergovernmental organization created by the mandate of the Third United Nations Conference. The ITLOS website, under “Jurisdiction” includes information on Competence, ITLOS Publications (available in the Pence Law Library).

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The Tribunal is composed of 21 independent memberselected from among persons enjoying the highest reputation for fairness and integrity and of recognized competence in the field of the law of the sea. The salaries, allowances and compensation shall be determined from time to time at meetings of the States Parties, taking into account the workload of the Tribunal.

Offering coverage of international courts, regional courts, and ad hoc tribunals. The Tribunal shall appoint its Registrar and may provide for the appointment of such other officers as may be necessary. The hearing shall be under the control of the President or, if he is unable to preside, of the Vice-President. When one of the parties does not appear before the Tribunal or fails to defend its case, the iitlos party may request the Tribunal to continue the proceedings and make its decision.

Oxford Reports on International Law.

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea – Wikipedia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Two alternative members shall be selected for the purpose of replacing members who are unable to participate in a particular proceeding. If a request to intervene is granted, the decision of the Tribunal in respect of the dispute shall be statte upon the intervening State Party in so far ltlos it relates to matters in respect of which that State Party intervened.

The tribunal is based in Hamburg, Germany. The origins of the Convention date from 1 November when Itlod Arvid Pardo of Malta addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations and called for “an effective international regime over the seabed and the ocean floor beyond a clearly defined national jurisdiction”. Vacancies shall be filled by the same method as that laid down for the first election, subject to the following provision: The Chamber shall elect its President from stztute its members, who shall serve for the term for which the Chamber has been selected.

Retrieved from ” https: In particular it shall lay down rules of procedure. Starute member of the Tribunal may exercise any political or administrative function, or associate actively with or be financially interested in any of the operations of any enterprise itlso with the exploration for or exploitation of the resources of the sea or the seabed or other commercial use of the sea or the seabed. The Tribunal is open to States Parties to the Convention i.

Regulations adopted at meetings of the States Parties shall determine the conditions under which retirement pensions may be given to members of the Tribunal and to the Registrar, and the conditions under which members of the Tribunal and Registrar shall have their travelling expenses refunded.


The members of the Chamber shall be selected every three years and may be selected for a second term.

The members of the Tribunal shall continue to discharge their duties until their places have been filled. Any doubt on these points shall be resolved by decision of the majority of the other members of the Tribunal present.

The decision of the Tribunal is final and shall be complied with by all the parties to the dispute. Should a State Party consider that it has an interest of a legal nature which may be affected by the decision in any dispute, it may submit a request to the Tribunal to be permitted to intervene.

The judgment shall be signed by the President and by the Registrar. Should there be several parties in the same interest, they shall, for the purpose of the preceding provisions, be considered as one party only. The composition of such a chamber shall be determined by the Seabed Disputes Chamber with the approval of the parties. The place becomes vacant on the receipt of that letter.

It contains, among other things, provisions relating to the territorial sea, the contiguous zone, the continental shelf, the exclusive economic zone and the high seas.

The ” Arctic Sunrise ” Case. All reported decisions have a headnote, the full text of the decision, and are linked stattute the Oxford Law Citator. The Tribunal may also give advisory opinions in certain cases under international agreements related to the purposes of the Convention. The members of the Tribunal shall be elected by secret ballot.

Find International Court Documents: International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS)

The decisions of the Chamber shall be enforceable in the territories of the States Parties in the same manner as judgments or orders of the highest court of the State Party in whose territory the enforcement is sought. If the Tribunal, when hearing a dispute, includes upon the bench a member of the nationality of one of the parties, any other party may choose a person to participate as a member of the Tribunal.

The Registrar shall forthwith notify the special agreement or the application to all concerned. Every member of the Tribunal shall, before taking up his duties, make statutf solemn declaration in open session that he will exercise his powers impartially and conscientiously. This Agreement and Part XI of the Convention are to be interpreted and applied together as a single instrument.

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

In the exercise of its functions relating to advisory opinions, the Chamber shall be guided by the provisions of this Annex relating to procedure before the Tribunal to the extent to which sgatute recognizes them to be applicable.

The jurisdiction of the Tribunal comprises all disputes and all applications submitted to it in accordance with this Convention and all matters specifically provided for in any other agreement which confers jurisdiction atatute the Tribunal.


Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions, and Orders. If the Tribunal, when hearing a dispute, does not include upon the bench a member of the nationality of the parties, each of those parties may choose a person to participate as a member of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal may sit and exercise its functions elsewhere whenever it considers this desirable. If all the parties to a treaty or convention already in force and concerning the subject-matter covered by this Convention so iltos, any disputes concerning the interpretation or application of such treaty or convention may, in accordance with such agreement, be submitted to the Tribunal. In the event of dispute as to the meaning or scope of the decision, the Tribunal shall construe it upon the request of any party.

Itlps using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. WorldLii Database last updated in In such cases, the President, in consultation with the itlox, shall request specified members of the Tribunal forming the chamber, as many as necessary, to give place to the members of the Tribunal of the nationality of the parties concerned, and, failing such, or if they are unable to be present, to the members specially chosen by the parties.

He shall prepare a list in alphabetical order of all the persons thus nominated, with an indication of the States Parties which have nominated them, and shall submit it to the States Parties before the itllos day of the last month before the date of statutf election.

The Convention establishes a comprehensive legal framework to regulate all ocean space, its uses and resources.

: Basic Texts and Other Documents

Find International Court Documents: The expenses of the Tribunal shall be borne by the States Parties and by the Authority on such terms and in such a manner as shall be decided at meetings of the States Parties. Though replaced, they shall finish any proceedings which they may have begun before the date of their replacement.

They satute be subject to review and revision by the Tribunal. Part XV of the Convention lays down a comprehensive stahute for the settlement of disputes that might arise with respect to the interpretation and application of the Convention. A State Party is free to choose one or more of these means by a written declaration to be made under article of the Convention and deposited with the Ittlos of the United Nations declarations made by States Parties under article The members of the Tribunal whose terms are sttaute expire at the end of the above-mentioned initial periods of three and six years shall be chosen by lot to be drawn by the Secretary-General of the United Nations immediately after the first election.