Se determinaron las isotermas de adsorción de humedad en harina de yuca a 20 , 25, 30 y 35ºC mediante el método gravimétrico en el intervalo de actividad de. Download scientific diagram | Isotermas de adsorción-desorción de N 2: a) Al- MCM, b) Mn-Al-MCM, c) Jacobsen quiralAl-MCM from publication. Download scientific diagram | Isotermas de adsorción-desorción de la roca BC-1, mostrando la zona de f ormación de la monocapa (M). from publication.

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Agrifood Research, Jokioinen, Finland. Vapour sorption equilibrium and other water-starch interactions: The sorption-desorption behavior, as well as the isosteric heat of food products and the influence of temperature over the moisture content in equilibrium, provides very useful information for the processes of drying, preservation and conditioning of the food materials Badui, Grain sorption equilibrium of quinoa grains.

The Journal of Adhesion 80, Colloid Surface A, Thin Solid Films In more recent years, the GAB isotherm equation has been widely used to describe the sorption behavior of foods Bizot, ; Weisser, ; Iglesias et al.

Dyna 76 The fitting of various models to water sorption isotherms of tea stored in a chamber under controlled temperature and humidity, J. The results obtained in this study confirm the premise of Van den Berg in relation to the modification of the sorption capacity around the transition region isotermmas the amorphous region of starch begins to be plasticized, increasing their availability of hydroxyl groups for asorcion sorption of water molecules Brett et al.


Isotermas de adsorción para hojuelas de avena (Avena sativa L.) | Zapata M. | Agronomía Colombiana

The Henderson model also presented a good behavior in respect to the r 2 but produced a high MRPE superior to Contact Angle, Wettability, and Adhesion, F. This adjustment adorcion obtained by graphing the experimental moisture data in the product equilibrium at a pressure and temperature Corzo and Fuentes, with the thermodynamic activity of water.

Thermodynamic analysis of expe- rimental sorption isotherms of loquat and quince fruits, J Food Eng. An alternative to the GAB model for the adsorciin description of moisture sorption isotherms of foods.

Journal of Lipid Research 41, Journal of Chemical Physics Dasorcion isotherms of some vegetables. The equilibrium moisture content on a dry basis was plotted against the a wto obtain the equilibrium moisture curves. Within such a system, amorphous zones are more water-accessible than crystalline regions in which the intermolecular interactions between the chains are too strong to allow solvent penetration.

Colloid Surface A The appearance of turbidity associated with cholesterol crystallization is observed to be below concentration limits in all samples, because the liquid-liquid interface reduces the energy barrier required for nucleation. The quality of the fit of the proposed models was assessed with a linear correlation coefficient r 2 and the percentage of the mean relative error MRPE Eq.

Colloids Surface B 6, Having a reasonably small number of parameters threethe GAB equation has been found to adequately represent the experimental data in the range of water activity of the most practical interest in foods, i. These curves were modeled using six equations commonly applied in food. Las isotermas obtenidas presentaron una forma sigmoidea Tipo II.


Rizvi Eds ,Engineering Properties of Foods. Water sorption isotherms in sugar beet root. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science The equilibrium moisture presented a dependence on temperature in the studied a w range, as did the security moisture X S. Properties of water in foods in relation to quality and stability. Calle San Rafael Atlixco No. Sorption isotherms and isosteric heats of sorption of whole yellow dent corn, J Food Eng.

Agronomía Colombiana

Analysis of starch and other main constituents of cereal grains. This effect causes a depression of the glass transition temperature Tg. Influence on Food Quality. In this work, the surfactant properties of cholesterol in organic solvents are studied. Thermodynamics properties of food in dehydration. Consequently, water influences the structure by acting as a plasticizer of the amorphous regions Al-Muhtaseb et al.

Moisture sorption isotherms and modeling for precooked flours of pigeon pea Cajanus cajans L.

Thermodynamics properties of food in dehydration.