Titel: Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom Februar sowie Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ). Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ) B) Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom 7. Dezember C) the results for fiscal year are proof of this. itelligence enjoyed a record- breaking year. our figures (InvZulG – German Investment Subsidy Act) and.

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Potential State aid in emission trading systems. The incentive effect in the context of an approved or exempt aid scheme with no discretionary power. Closure of the formal investigation procedure. Enabling Regulation for Block Exemption Regulations. Expand all Collapse all.

Extension of the remit of the Portuguese Development Financial Institution. Limited procedural rights of interested parties. Social housing development as service of general economic interest. Opening of the formal investigation procedure. Topics of implementing regulations. Unvzulg of Article 6 b decisions. Interruption of the limitation period. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.


Nomos – eLibrary | European State Aid Law

Aid for intra-Union exports and exports outside the Union. Regional development including territorial cooperation. Infringement against a condition or obligation.

Serious doubts with regard to compliance with a decision. Article 2 TFEU: Appropriate forms of assistance. Entry into force, implementation, transparency and verification. Article 2 TFEU. Main proceedings in State aid cases. Non-compliance with decisions and judgments. Aid for other maritime transport infrastructures. 210 legislation on the specification of Treaty provisions. Railway infrastructure funding chapter 2 of the Railway Guidelines. State unvzulg by tax benefits.

Economic Approach on the Factual Level. Preliminary observations on Articles 32 et seq. Revenues to be balanced. Request for information made to the notifying Member State.

Need more search options? Appropriateness invzklg the aid. Lock-in periods according to the RAG Aid for the purchase and renewal of rolling stock chapter 3 of the Railway Guidelines. Extension of the de minimis Regulation. Economic advantage as non- cash benefit without adequate consideration.

Transparency, cumulation of aid, appropriate measures, reporting and monitoring. Role and scope of the SGEI framework. Kooperationswerke Beck – Hart — Nomos.


NÜTZlich Ausgabe 2/ | PDF Flipbook

Investment aid for energy efficiency measures. Indirect state aid to undertakings through public funded research and knowledge dissemination organisations and research infrastructures Section 2. Regional aid scheme for the promotion of the development of strategic information and communication technology ICT projects. Scope of the Maritime Transport Guidelines. Further requirements of the SGEI framework. Cases in which aid can be approved.


Compensation for regional handicaps. Contrary to a general principle of Community law.

The Market Economy Investor Principle. Aid intensity and costs eligible for aid. The legal acts invzilg regional state aid law. Other cases of the revocation of a decision. Special regimes for current and potential candidate countries.