Hydranencephaly after Maternal Butane-gas Intoxication during Pregnancy . Hydranence’phalie apr.?s intoxication maternelle par le gaz butane durant la. Autoerotic Accident by Inhalation of Propane-Butane Gas Mixture Toxicologic investigations revealed an intoxication with propane and butane .. kan ve doku örneklerinde gaz komponentlerinin analizinin yap›labilmesi tan›. Butane is a colourless and flammable gas with a gasoline-like or natural gas This paper discusses the medico-legal approach for this type of intoxication.

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Propane and isobutane were also detected.

Butane | C4H10 – PubChem

Consequently, these values were selected as the reasonable lower and upper bounds of n to use butqne data are not available to derive an empirical value for n. Liquefied petroleum gas LPG poisoning: Default Values in Occupational Risk Assessment; Our online ‘Live Help’ chat service offers you a person to talk to.

Case reports of butane exposure do not provide any quantitative data that could be used for deriving AEGL-1 values. A CT head scan on the day following admission to the hospital was normal. On the basis of these data, n is estimated to be greater than 4 after accounting for a small decrease in concentration during the min exposure 3. Sudden cardiac death nutane substance abuse; pp.

Shugaev exposed rats sex and strain not specified to varying concentrations of butane for 4 h.

The intoxicafion study with human volunteers Patty and Yant is rather old and focused on the warning properties of butane. Exposure to butane at slowly increasing concentrations up to 50, ppm total exposure duration was at least 10 min or atppm short exposure, exact duration unknown on the same day did not result in serious complaints Patty and Yant The lower explosive limit is 1.


These were probably rather minor effects. Light anesthesia was observed within 1 min of exposure to butane atppm, and loss of posture was observed within 15 min.

The relationship between concentration and duration of exposure as related to lethality was examined by ten Berge et al. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Mines. She gradually became conscious, and 48 hours after admission she was discharged in a satisfactory condition. The animals were observed for 48 h after exposure. The lungs were poorly aerated and the alveoli contained a number of squamous cells.

Total uncertainty factor of 3 for differences between species and individuals. Other dogs showed no ventricular fibrillation after injection with epinephrine when exposed to butane at about 50, ppm.

In another case, a swollen brain was observed in a year-old girl without a history of butane abuse Williams and Colewhereas a CT head scan showed no abnormalities in a year-old male with a 3-year history of butane abuse Edwards and Wenstone Repeated magnetic-resonance-imaging scans revealed disintegration of gray matter, increasing cerebral atrophy, and destruction of basal ganglia.

It is difficult to distinguish between direct toxicity of butane and the effects caused by hypoxia.

Carcinogenicity studies and studies on reproductive toxicity are lacking. Fetal sonogram at 39 weeks of gestation axial view of fetal skull.

Because of these limitations, no clear conclusions can be drawn. Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry: Inhalation of butane during pregnancy butahe 27 and 30 of gestation at concentrations that produced unconsciousness in the mother caused clearly underdeveloped brains in two fetuses.

The Bulletin of Legal Medicine requires the author as the rights holder to sign and submit the journal’s agreement form prior to acceptance.

Although case reports intoxkcation that humans exposed to butane at high concentrations might develop cardiac arrhythmias, which are potentially fatal, the data were inadequate to evaluate this end point.

Individual scores did not differ butae from the average scores. View in own window. Several case reports of intentional butane exposure indicate that butane induces neurotoxicity. Archived from the original PDF on March 27, The initial cardiac rhythm was ventricular asystole.


Suicide by Inhalation of Suffocative Gas

Most rats died during the third or fourth hour of exposure. Some portions of the brain may be preserved, most commonly the intoxicatino surfaces of the frontal lobes, basal ganglia and thalamus Raybaud Butane abuse associated encephalopathy; pp. Groups of mice sex and strain not specified were intoxixation to butane at concentrations of , , , orppm; 6 mice were tested at the lowest concentration, and 10 mice at each of the higher concentrations Stoughton and Lamson Because details of the study were lacking and because the tests were conducted in anesthetized dogs, no clear intoxicztion can be drawn from this study.

LPG is a by-product of petroleum refining and is a colourless gas with a mild odour. Butanes are highly flammable, colorless, easily liquefied gases that quickly vaporize at room temperature. Butane was reported to cause cardiac sensitization in dogs, but the studies did not provide detailed information on exposure concentrations and duration or were performed on anesthetized dogs.

Quantitative data for setting AEGL values are sparse.

Estos hallazgos eran compatibles con hidranencefalia. Lithium hydride, LiH ionic metal hydride Beryllium hydride Left gas phase: The concentration-response curve appears to be very steep, indicating that a large uncertainty factor is unnecessary. PMC ] [ PubMed: She gxz been inhaling butane repeatedly for 4 weeks until an acute incident occurred. Using the assumptions made in footnote 1, approximately 0.