INTERTHERM Colour. Gloss Level. Volume Solids. Typical Thickness. Theoretical Coverage. Practical Coverage. Method of Application. Drying Time. A one component, general purpose heat resistant paint, based on air drying oleoresinous resins, and pigmented with aluminium flake. Consult International Marine’s INTERTHERM DATA SHEET brochure on NauticExpo. Page: 1/4.

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Thinning is not normally required. All surfaces to interthefm coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Intertherm may be applied directly over aged Intertherm following thorough fresh water washing and degreasing provided the coating to be overcoated is in an intact and tightly adherent condition.

Subject to reinspection thereafter. Areas of breakdown, damage etc.

DO NOT thin more than allowed by local environmental legislation. Over application of Intertherm can lead to blistering at high temperatures. International Intertherm is a one component, general purpose heat resistant paint, based on air drying oleoresinous resins, and pigmented with aluminium flake.

As application, environmental and design factors can vary significantly, due care should be exercised in the selection, verification of performance and use of the coating. Open the catalog to page 4. Recommended Tip Range 0.

International Intertherm 891

Thoroughly flush all equipment with GTA I would like to hear about offers and services: Intertherm should always be applied over a recommended primer coating scheme. Airless Spray Recommended Tip Range 0. Technical and application data herein is for the purpose of establishing a general guideline of the coating and proper coating application guidelines.

The temperature of the surface interthfrm be coated These may be subject to variation depending on factors such as differences in colour and normal manufacturing tolerances.


All unused material should be stored in tightly closed containers. Test performance results were obtained in a controlled laboratory environment and International Paint makes no claim that the exhibited published test results, or any other tests, accurately represent results actually found in all field environments.

Nautica Interwimer

International Intertherm is suitable for all types of operations including refineries, offshore structures, power, petrochemical and chemical plants. Typical Coverage per coat Actual safety measures are dependant on application methods and work environment. As a light reflective finish for cargo holds, pipes, etc. Send us your question. Read and follow all precautionary notices on the Material Safety Data Sheet and container labels.

The primer surface should be dry and free from all contamination, and Intertherm must be interhherm within the overcoating intervals specified consult the relevant product data sheet. High pressure fresh water wash or fresh water wash, as appropriate, interthwrm remove all oil or grease, soluble contaminants and other foreign matter in accordance with SSPC-SP1 solvent cleaning.

Customer interterm agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets.

INTERTHERM DATA SHEET – International Marine – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures

Take precautions to avoid skin and eye contact ie. This product is no longer in stock. High pressure fresh water wash or fresh In the event welding or flame cutting is performed on metal coated with this product, dust and fumes will be emitted imtertherm will require the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and adequate local exhaust ventilation.


Intertheem may be required. Material should be filtered prior to use. Open the catalog to page 2. Open the catalog to page 3. If you do not fully understand these warnings and instructions or if you can not strictly comply with them, do not use this product. Consult your International Paint representative for the system best suited for the surfaces to be protected.

Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Kntertherm. Low trade prices Our best trade prices on everything! Products Marine Coatings Marine chemicals Marine lubricants. Related Searches Marine epoxy filler International Marine antifouling International Marine epoxy primer International Marine anti-corrosion primer Zinc primer International Marine merchant ship antifouling International Marine merchant ship primer High-gloss coating International Marine professional vessel antifouling International Marine professional vessel primer International Marine topcoat coating International Marine multi-use antifouling Ballast primer International Marine two-component coating Tin-free antifouling Zinc coating International Marine epoxy coating Acrylic coating International Marine tank coating International Marine coating.

Dry Foodstuffs Consult your International Paint representative for details.

We recommend that Customer first purchases the smallest Product available or access an industry standard colour chart in person and not digitally to ensure that the colour is acceptable for its purposes.

If Intertherm is used over a primer system the heat resistance may be determined by the primer system. itnertherm

The figures stated above are approximate.