Command. Shortcut. Open Solution or Project. ⌘+⇧+O. Show Action List. ⌥+ Enter. Search Everywhere. Double-⇧. Navigate To ^+⇧+G. Find Usages. ⌥+F7. After using Eclipse for many years I recently worked with IntelliJ IDEA. These are the IDEA equivalents for my most-used Eclipse shortcuts. Being heavily focused on ergonomics, IntelliJ IDEA has a keyboard shortcut for nearly every action, from working with code to managing UI.

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I found it very useful.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS X 10.5+ (IntelliJ IDEA) Keymap

Fostah 6, 8 40 To find an action by shortcut, clickthen, when the Find Shortcut dialog opens, start pressing keys. Tell me how much time you have spend to learn all intellij shortcuts, than you have the true answer of your question!

As an example, say you wanted to know the type of the args variable which we inherited by extending the App trait in HelloWorldWithArgumentsDebug from Tutorial Some of the time savers: IntelliJ keeps track of any modified files and the above keyboard shortcut will compile only those files that have been modified.

Very useful when coding something, browsing other classes for a while and then wanting to go back where we left our code.

Is there an alternative? Henrik Warne 1, 1 21 Resize tool windows You can adjust the size of tool windows hotkfys a mouse: Then when people need help with there IDE, Debugger, or whatever Questions like this could go there instead. Enter Mouse Shortcut dialog box opens.


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Mastering IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts – Help | IntelliJ IDEA

Location of user-defined keymaps All user-defined keymaps are stored in separate configuration files under the keymaps subdirectory in the IntelliJ IDEA profile directory: EIther by removing it or by adding a specific survey type question.

If you would like to compile specific module, package or projectyou can select them from the Project panel on the left hand side and then select Build and then Compile. The source code is available on the allaboutscala GitHub repository.

Repeatedly pressing it selects more and more of the code.

Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts

You will then see a tooltip which will show you the type of the args variable. For example, you can try using the following predefined quick lists:. Highlight Usages in File. If you are using one of the predefined keymaps for your OS, you can print the default keymap reference card and keep it on your desk to consult it if necessary.

Notify me of new posts by email. Extend or shrink selection Increase or decrease the scope of selection according to specific code constructs.

Intelliu question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. Your email address will not be published. Marcus Ericsson 1, 9 Jeff Grigg 2 5. Also, make sure that function keys are enabled on your system and check the following:.


This link has everything you need. Die Schlussfolgerung ist, dass man – wieder – damit leben muss, dass man im Team mehrere IDEs haben wird. It will guide you to the unknown features.

Also maybe Questions like this instead of being “closed” should be converted to Wiki style questions. Bas Leijdekkers 12k 1 31 But when you have multiple functions which are being chainedthis constant switching back and forth between editor windows would become a distraction! If you have a customized keymap that you are used to, you can transfer it to your installation.

IntelliJ Keyboard Shortcuts – Compile, Debug, Run

Accept the default name, hotkejs change it as required. Karl 2, 1 15 Use it on a throws, try or catch keyword to show all places where the exception is thrown. But how to do it in intellij? I recommand you try emacsIDEAs plugin.

This cheat sheet is also available under Help Keymap Reference. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion.

March 16, at Wael Awada 3 11 Click your mouse somewhere outside the Find Shortcut dialog to close it. Johnny 4 Some useful ones are: IntelliJ IDEA has keyboard shortcuts for most of its commands related to editing, navigation, refactoring, debugging, and other tasks.