In , Dr. Franz Ingelfinger, one of the most respected physicians of the modern era, wrote an essay on arrogance shortly before his death by. Arrogance. Creator. Ingelfinger, Franz J. Bibliographic Citation No Thumbnail [ %x] · Arrogance . Ingelfinger, Franz J. (). Thumbnail. Yet, at the same time there is a belief that doctors are arrogant and misbehave. But in his essay on arrogance, Franz Ingelfinger, MD, noted a.

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While some physicians may still behave poorly, I believe that physicians are no more vain or insolent than any other group of people. Granted, I met a few physicians who could use some interpersonal skill coaching.

I Don’t Think Physicians Are as Arrogant as You Do | HuffPost Life

It is not arrogance — it is confidence. Where do they come from? Inone of Ingelfinger’s first acts as editor of NEJM was to draw up rules for authors forbidding prior submission or publication of their work ingflfinger other media.

In addition to my long career in medicine, my family and I just spent four months intimately involved with physicians and the health care arorgance. Mere mortals like yourself, or confident, skilled physicians with the experience to make the right decisions that will alleviate your illness.

At the start of this new year we should try on a little bit of humility. That arrogance may manifest itself as: So, why the bad rap?

But, for the most part, they were caring, “normal” people. One problem, he wrote, is that the relationship between a doctor and a patient has been depersonalized. They would immediately develop compassion and empathy for inyelfinger patient who refuses to go to therapy until their problem is relieved.


The Arrogance of Doctors

Franz Ingelfinger, medical leader with three careers as a doctor, at This page was last edited on 23 Julyat I recently went through the ups and downs of the health care system with my wife, who was critically ill. The current health system has stopped viewing a patient as a person, but as a job to do cost effectively.

Now, before you get all red in the face and upset, stick with me just a arrognace longer. The 12 Most Arrogance Stories of In his recent column for Huffington Post, Richard C. We all purportedly desire to actively participate in our care, but I don’t think this means that we want a physician who will serve us a cafeteria line of options and tell us to take our pick.

Although I am a physician who arrogancee all the fancy words and jargon, I still wanted someone who I felt would make the best decisions. Franz Joseph Ingelfinger, M.

Franz J. Ingelfinger – Wikipedia

For more by Richard C. Ingelfinger’s process for screening applicants — “That only those who have been hospitalized during their adolescence or adult years be admitted to medical school. Why do we pay any attention to people who behave like Donald Trump? He served as president of the American Gastroenterological Association.

On the one hand, patients believe that doctors are highly honest and ethical. John Coulehan states that, “Today, I suspect that few students regard character formation as part of their medical education at all and even fewer consider humility an ingredient. Yet, at the same time there is a belief that doctors are arrogant and misbehave.


I think we have all recognized these negative traits in some physicians. Is the behavior hard wired or is it learned from the wrong type of role models during training?

The Ingelfinger Rule Revisited. However, some specialties are another story. The truth is that perhaps doctors have a little right to be arrogant and assured in being right. Franz Ingelfinger, one of the most respected physicians of the modern era, wrote an essay on arrogance shortly before his death by cancer.

Thirty years ago, Dr. That arrogance may manifest itself as:. I am not convinced that, as a group, physicians are any more arrogant than lawyers, business men and women, politicians or university professors. Franz Joseph Ingelfinger August 20, — March 27, was a German-American physicianresearcher and journal editor. In his article “On Humility,” Dr. For more on mindfulness, click here.

Once a physician recognizes this, he or she may become arrogant. If this is the case, what is it about the health care system and the experience with a physician that brings out negative feelings? Life and career [ edit ] Ingelfinger was born in DresdenGermany.