Exporting Numerous Charts to a PDF Exporting many charts to one Portable Document Format (PDF) file is a export four charts to one PDF file . UltraChart . Hi. I want to export ultrachart to excel. But don’t know how to do that. I am searching in help also but not getting the solution. If anyone knows. Hello,. How can I export an ultrachart to a PDF file? I found this place http://blogs. but it didn’t help me.

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This walkthrough will show you how to:. So I asume that you want to get an image of UltraChart, which will be put into the exported Excel, so you should call SaveTo AddCanvas0 ; canvas.

Best way to export an UltraChart to excel. Afterwards, we do the same for the chart and export it to another section in the same report when we call the RenderPdfFriendlyGraphics method. We’ve attempted to send the information to the server.

Set the chartType to PieChart and bind it to an array of data. I’m sure this could be done in any version.


Please run the sample and let me know if this is what you are looking for. You should create an instance of UltraGridExcelExporter and then you will be able to call Export method of this instance. We are willing to try to use the ultrachart for this purpose, and I’d like to know if there is a possiblity to export a given chart to excel and not only as a picture but as a excel chart with the associated data.

Dim s As Infragistics.

I found this place http: Please help, thank you, Zubi. You have to create a report object first and then export to specific sections of that report.

UltraWebGrid1, gridsection ; this. You have rated this topic in the last 30 days. Could you please review the sample attached to this post and see if it meets your requirements. Table 4 ; ultraChart1.

Exporting Numerous Charts to a PDF – Infragistics ™ Help

Cleary posted over 9 years ago in reply to [Infragistics] Sung Kim. Are you talking about the chart in my application or your own chart? Note This topic assumes that you already created a chart. Hi Jayashree, CreationFilters are a pretty advanced technique, and I’m afraid I ulfrachart know of any examples of specifically what you are trying to do here.


Reply Verify Answer Cancel. Aditya posted over 10 years ago in reply to [Infragistics] Sung Kim. Hi bouhmid86, Probably the most practical approach would be to save an image of your chart and afterwards embed it in your excel document.


Exporting Numerous Charts to a PDF

The export does work but only half of the chart appears in the exported PDF file. By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use. I want to export these two together in excel. Create the third chart.

Best way to export an UltraChart to excel | Infragistics Forums

I hope this helps you. Set the chartType to GanttChart and bind it to a demo table of data. And I also exprt to add some text above the chart at the top. AddCanvas; canvas.