The present study was undertaken to test the chemopreventive effects of one herbal medicinal plant, Indigofera aspalathoides, on chemically. The treatment by I. aspalathoides on fibrosarcoma bearing rats has improved the levels Indigofera aspalathoides (I. aspalathoides) treatment for rat arthritis is. Abstract: Civarvembu/ Sivanimba is botanically equated to Indigofera aspalathoides Vahl ex. DC. (Leguminosae). The plant is prescribed for eczema, psoriasis.

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Chemical carcinogenesis is usually a multi stage disease process, comprising of different stages from the conversion of a normal somatic to tumor cell transformation and ultimately, after a long latency period, to a critically manifested malignant tumor. This clearly indicates that the poly herbal formulation pretreatment prevent viral multiplication within 4 days of challenge Determination of nucleic acid in tissue. Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives.

Levels of sialic acid can be useful in indigoferw detection of cancer indicating progress of the disease, degree of metastasis, and possible recurrence [ 31 ]. In the present study the therapeutic efficacy of I. In the aspalathooides study, fibrosarcoma bearing animals showed increased activity of the enzyme ACP, which were brought to near normal levels aspakathoides treating with I.

Gluconeogenesis from alanine in patients with progressive malignant disease. Biochemical estimation The body weight, liver and kidney weight, tumor weight and mean survival time was analyzed by the standard procedure followed regularly.

The significance of the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway in cell growth and carcinogenesis Review Anticancer Res. In case of the death, the limit test was terminated and main test was conducted. Since carcinogenesis is a multifactorial and multistage process, the individual active compounds or active principles may not always be effective to control all the stages and, therefore, it is of interest to investigate the chemopreventive effect of crude extracts of plants which might control the different stages of cancer etiology as compounds like saponins, tannins, steroids, alkaloids present therein indigofrea act holistically to effect a proper cure for cancer.


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Important drugs of the past 50 years or so were first isolated from plants and used ethnomedically. There is decrease in the recycling of amino acids in tumor conditions resulting in enhanced efflux of these amino acids from the tissues. Ip C, Daw T. The petroleum ether, chloroform and acetone leaf and root extracts of this plant showed antibacterial activity against B.

The lack of difference in the results in Group IV and Group I normal control animals clearly demonstrates that Indigofera aspalathoides extracts do not have any toxic side effects which justifies the choice of this drug.

Indigofra aspalathoides protectionagainst 20 MCA induced experimental fibrosarcoma growth after tansplantation in rats: This drug is widely screened for its anti-cancerous and anti-oxidant activity. Nasal lavage fluids recovered from the RSV-infected chinchillas control had an abnormal yellowish-green tint and was notably turbid.

The wound treated with plant drug showed higher rate of wound contraction, increased level of Hydroxy proline, Hexosamine, SOD, Ascorbic acid and decreased levels of Lipid peroxides as well as histopathological studies also showed progressive collagenation and few macrophages compared to the control rats During the experimental period the treatment with aqueous extract of I.

Antitumor activity of some plants from Meghalaya and Mizoram against murine ascites Dolton’s lymphoma. Describes biorhythms – those states or conditions characterised by indihofera repetition in time, whether on the indigogera of seconds, hours, days, or seasons.


Cholesterol determination with ferric chloride-uranyl acetate and sulphuric acid ferrous sulphate reagent. Abirami P and Rajendran A.

Indigofera Aspalathoides Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

International Journal of Cancer Research. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Encyclopedia of Life EOL. This compound belongs to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs. Free radical scanvenging activity of leaf extract of Indigofera aspalathoides -An in vitro analysis. The altered activities of ALT and AST in the serum of fibrosarcoma bearing animals were brought to near normal levels after treatment with the plant extract.

The specific type of cancer produced varies with the root of administration and include, tumors of the skin, soft tissues, and breast. Estimation of phospholipids This was performed by the method of Rouser et al [22]. The tumor was minced and suspended in normal saline. A total of 0. This results in a loss to the host of eight moles of ATP per one glucose mole.

Indigofera aspalathoides DC. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

The transplanted tumor became palpable in d. Indigovera hundred genera are used medicinally mainly as herbal preparations in the indigenous system of medicine in different countries and were the source of potent and powerful drugs which have stood the test of time and modern chemistry has not been able to replace most of them.

The free radical scavenging activity of two fractions from the leaves of Indigofera aspalathoides was investigated.