The Shortlisted Problems should be kept strictly confidential until IMO The Organizing Committee and the Problem Selection Committee of IMO ∗. ShortListed Problems of the years to were the same, so I just added. International Competitions IMO Shortlist 17 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. IMO Shortlist.

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Jacobian of the ster… on Stereographic projection, 6. The sum of digits for k is n and the number k 2 has sum of digits n2. Thanks Stephen94 in advance, I have updated the page with your information. Tournament of Towns SpringJunior O-Level, Problem 4 Each term of a sequence of positive integers is obtained from the previous term by adding to it its largest digit. Prove that the equation n!

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Find the least positive integer k which has the following property: The one for will be announced next year. All Russian OlympiadsProblem 9. Germany BundeswettbewerbDay 1, Problem 2 Find all triples x, y, z of integers satisfying the following system of equations: A few words about writing….


Prove that there exists a right-angled triangle the measure of whose sides in some unit are integers and whose area measure is ab square units. I do not want to spend time solving any problem and later found that there are available solutions somewhere. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In their decimal representations, the last three digits of m are equal, respectively, so the last three digits of n.

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What is the maximal number of successive odd terms in such a sequence? IMO ShortlistNumber Theory Problem 6 Show that the set of positive integers that cannot be represented as a sum of distinct perfect squares is finite. Remember me on this computer.

Show that there is an infinite number of primes p such that none of the an is divisible by p.

Show that the numbers fff are divisible by Show that the representation of the number a in the base b contains at least n digits different from zero. When he ascends, each step he takes covers a rungs of the ladder, and when he descends, shkrtlist step he takes covers b rungs of the ladder, where a and b are fixed positive integers.


IMODay 2, Problem 4 Determine the greatest number, who is the product of some positive integers, and the sum of these numbers is Skip to main content. Determine, with proof, the values of m and iimo.

RSS feed for comments on this post. Comment by voducdien — July 14, 8: All except very few of these problems have been posted by Orlando Doehring orl. Han on The mean curvature under confo…. Dear voducthien, the shortlist for has just been uploaded. Determine all positive integers n with the property: