The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a network control protocol designed for use in Multimedia Session Control Working Group (MMUSIC WG) of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and published as RFC in IETF RFC IETF RFC (), Real Time Streaming Protocol Transfer Protocol—HTTP/ IETF RFC IETF RFC (), A DNS RR for. [IETF RFC ]IETF RFC , RTP: A Transport Protocolfor Real-Time Applications. [IETF RFC ]IETF RFC , Real Time Streaming Protocol ( RTSP).

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It may also give an indication about the timeline of the movie. This status code is also to be used if a 2362 attempts to use a method not indicated during SETUP, e. C indicates to the media server that the network addresses and encryption keys are already given by the conference, so they should not be chosen by istf server.

The session identifier is needed to distinguish several delivery requests for the same URL coming from the same client.

A speed of zero is invalid. Information on the encodings remains the same. This information may also be available through SDP. A range of In the worst case, servers should send back: The method may be applied on the presentation URL. Therefore, if a response includes the no-transform directive, an intermediate cache or proxy MUST NOT change the encoding of the stream.

Just as an HTTP cache has to store the content type, content language, and so on for the objects it caches, a media cache has to store the presentation description. For example, applications for medical imaging, scientific data analysis and those using end-to-end authentication all depend on receiving a stream that is bit-for-bit identical to the original entity-body. The response Session Not Found is returned if the session identifier is invalid.


Real Time Streaming Protocol – Wikipedia

It is specified as a range, e. For every second of elapsed wallclock time, 2 seconds of content will be delivered. While the components are transported as independent streams, it is desirable to maintain a common context for those streams at the server end.

RTSP can also control multiple streams as a single entity. For a well-matched client-server pair, the interaction proceeds quickly, saving a round-trip often required by negotiation mechanisms. The movie is stored in a container file.

When the must-revalidate directive is present in a SETUP response received by a cache, that cache MUST NOT use the entry after it becomes stale to respond to a subsequent request without first revalidating it with the origin server. This makes complete sense when there are multiple streams with aggregate control, but is less than intuitive in the special case where the number of streams is one.

The presence of an Expires field does not imply that the original 23226 will change or cease to exist at, before, or after that time. Indicates that the client is willing to accept a media stream whose freshness lifetime is no less than its current age plus the specified time in seconds. This is disallowed for that presentation by the server.

The client uses this value to differentiate packets that originated before the seek from packets that originated after the seek. The example omits the simple ACK responses. The exact behavior allowed to the cache is given by the cache-response dfc. The timeout is measured in. Indicates that the client is willing to accept a media stream that has exceeded its expiration time. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The default is the ketf rate of the stream.


This allows an origin server to prevent caching even by caches that have been configured to return stale responses to client requests.

An Allow header rfd must be present in a Method not allowed response. Table 3 summarizes the header fields used by RTSP.

If max-stale is assigned a value, then the client is willing rdc accept a response that has exceeded its expiration time by no more than the specified number of seconds. rcf

The media description is stored on a web server W. It identifies the synchronization source to be associated with the media stream.

Real Time Streaming Protocol

If the request contains a Range parameter, the new scale value will take effect at that time. This allows clients to gracefully deal with packets when seeking. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Retrieved from ” https: The response MUST contain the actual scale value chosen by the server. See section 13 for further discussion of the expiration model.