I now pronounce you someone else / Erin McCahan. Eighteen-year-old Bronwen has long felt that she was switched with another child at birth, and so although. Here comes the bride, if she can pass chemistry. Bronwen Oliver wants a family – the right family instead of the one she was born into which. Here Comes the Bride — If She Can Pass Chemistry. Eighteen-year-old Bronwen Oliver has a secret: She’s really Phoebe, the lost daughter of the loving.

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Quotes from I Now Pronounce Y And yes, I cried.

Availability: I now pronounce you someone else / Erin McCahan.

There were some things about this book that I thought were surprisingly spot-on and unique. The story really picks up when Bronwen reunites with Jesus’s old friend, Jared Sondervan.

Bronwen never felt accepted by her mother. May 11, Lynn rated it really liked it Shelves: While there is a lot of teen romance within the story, the main theme is that it is important to find out who you are as a person and be happy with that. So some parts I bursted out laughing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I liked Bronwen and she gets points for having a unique namebut oh boy her mother was about to drive me nuts and I really, really wanted Bronwen to blow up in her face so they could get their issues sorted out.


While dealing with her life she bumps into Jared, a friend of This is one of those books that I can really gush over for forever.

Though, it defiantly wasn’t elsw of the biggest problems a book has ever had. Erin McCahan writing is fun and simple but at the same time has depth.

This has been on my to-read list for a while. Want to Read mccahhan. She did this so well and I broke down, humans, just broke down.

Go read this book! And a little uncomfortable—watching a high school senior plan her perfect and imminent wedding [note: They quickly come to know Bronwen better than her other family. Erin McCahan, pens a wonderful story written with so much passion and compassion, combining the pressures of love with trying to pronoucne to your own life at the same time, making this love story not only honest and heartfelt but genuine and realistic.

Nov 13, Steph Su rated it really liked it Shelves: And if he’s not, she has to ask: I was expecting a comedy here After all, he’s perfect, they’re perfect together. She is a senior in high school and he is graduating college.


That was one of the best written moments in the love department. She only wants Bronwen to be polite and respectful of others no matter the cost to Bronwen.

There was only one place on the western side of Michigan giving the exam, East Grand Rapids High School, a monstrous suburban prison for high schoolers that took my breath away when my friend Nick and I arrived one spring morning.

But the whole tone of the story felt different from a lot of books, even though yu deals with the usual themes of being yourself, family, acceptance, and following your heart. I love seeing strong positive friendships in young adult literature. I’ll definitely be looking into any other works that this impressive debut author might release.

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

I really liked Bronwen. I loved Bronwen’s best friend Kirsten.

Why had her beloved father died at such a young age? I also say inside the main character to see her desperate search for a family and place to fit into.