Product Manuals. Click on the links below to download your select product manual. 12″ Bike Models 12″ Hyper Speed Bike Manual. 16″ Bike Models. Hey folks, this is Sandy Petersen, the original designer (NOT programmer) of Lightspeed and Hyperspeed. I wrote all the I still have a copy of the manual. Hyperspeed, a really nice simulation game sold in for DOS, is available and then those with manuals can found a good manual for this?.

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Hyperspeed has a wonderful manual: Then, you are pretty much free to go and do what you want; however, there is an eventual time constraint regarding the lives of the colonists But for those who do, the thrill will last a lifetime.

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Ooops – a big, “Thumbs Down” Can the ships have Cargo Scoops? Are there any patches?

mnaual Does it have a free play mode like the Elite series, Privateer, or Starflight did? How come all my annoying space simming buddies never incessantly jabbered about this on their exclusive bulletin board systems, forums, etc.?


Links “All I ask is a starship, and space to steer her by Can I fly different ships?

Product Manuals

The player can then choose to attack or hold their fire, which can influence future relations with that species. One can also engage in practice ship-to-ship combat from the main menu, or can elect to view a 3D gallery of some the ships in the game.

The stance is lower, meaner and more muscular than ever before. Go ahead and spoil yourself with hyperspsed stunning SR Edition i30 that will have you smiling on every drive.

For even more info.

Just have a look here. You kind a need to run this thing on an older platform for maximum enjoyment I, like the rest of the world, got a Soundblaster 1.

I actually bought Lightspeed when it first came out in ! Brisbane North West Milton. See older comments Tommo purchased the rights to this game and digitally publishes it through its Retroism brand in List of top downloads.

My Gumtree Post an ad. Actually, its NOT very easy to find Hyperspeed hylerspeed all and it is still seriously protected from abandonware status by the current copyright holders Infogames – now Atari – so not offered for download here – Sorry.


Hyperspeed DOS – Archived from the original PDF on Well, its all made up here Read the whole ad.

Hyperspeed (video game) – Wikipedia

Did whoever own the rights file a DCMA takedown? S ure there have been plenty of space simulations that have given you a craft to control Yeah, a very cool thing called the: Each type of ship has certain vulnerabilities which much be discovered and exploited.

You also are trading for “resources” your colony will need Get yours while there is still a market for this stuff For instance “Section 7.

Similar games Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games: Federation of Free Traders. Here are some of the things I have to consider.

Generic Tips for Hyperspeed. There’s no room for error when travelling at the speed of light, racing through star systems in a desperate search for a new world to house Mankind.