HylaFAX-client — introduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage a cover page for each facsimile, using information deduced by the sendfax command. how to send a fax from cli with hylafax. Posted by akamaras on 02/03/ Leave a sendfax -n -D -d XXXXXXX test. where XXXXXXX is the number of the. HylaFAX is designed to be very robust and reliable. The fax server is designed to guard against unexpected failures in the software, in the.

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Such facilities are site-dependent; consult local documentation for more information. Very hylaafx using standard unix tools like grep, cut, etc. I was getting following logs which I will include here for reference.

Documents with mixed resolution pages are handled correctly.

hylafax-client command man page – hylafax+-client | ManKier

Access Controls To allow users on the local network access to the fax server, you can use a subnet wide rule to let everyone use it, or select individual addresses.

Look into logs to determine if this is the case in your setup. No Dial Tone Adding dial string 9 then pause then number to config file solved the problem See “PBX, Dial 9 before number” section and if you need more details on options see http: Well known page sizes include: The fax2ps 1 program can be used to view and print aendfax files. I know about faxstat -d, but it’s a report for all jobs and i can’t fetch that on php side. For some reason busy signal gets labeled as no carrier detected.


You have a HylaFAX scheduler process running.

sendfax(1) – Linux man page

A configuration parameter is of the form tag: EEAA k 15 Thus if an odd-size facsimile is submitted for transmission it may not be possible to determine if it can be sent until the fax server establishes communication with the remote facsimile machine. Remote system sencfax is UNIX.

Just press Enter to accept the default values as they are a result of the modem query and the class you selected. Press enter to answer yes Since we have not set up a modem already, faxsetup will prompt you to run ‘faxaddmodem’.

In some situations it may be more effective to communicate directly with a HylaFAX server using the client-server protocol. The commadial modifier causes the modem to pause while dialing ATD9, Pause and wait for dial tone: HylaFAX configuration parameters are: As you can see the format of output is not something that can be parsed easily.

Country Specific General For hopefully obvious reasons, the country code and dialling prefixes will vary by country.

how to send a fax from cli with hylafax | akamaras

You install it Gfax by: Sign up using Facebook. If this step fails, there is a likely a communication problem with your modem.

Note that this file is deprecated; it is described here only because it is still supported for compatibility with older hylafsx of the software.


You will then be asked for values specific to the modem. Can I terminate this faxq process [yes]?

Consult your local resources to figure out what tools are available for viewing and printing received facsimile.

Connection closed by foreign host. Name a name associated with destination fax machine; Company a company name; Location in-company locational information, e.

I want to know sendfa can I get the status of a fax job.

Failure to receive silence Added to config. Press Enter to accept them. You can also remove multiple faxes at once, sendfsx the following: This program will let you control serial port better.


The HylaFAX server software optimizes preparation of broadcast documents and the client applications support the notion of a job group which permits a group of jobs to be manipulated together. Also, the output of faxstat -d will grow by time and the list will increase.

Add this to your config.

If you’d like to restrict access to specific users you can enter their individual IP addresses. Looks easy enough to parse. Hylafax’s faxaddmodem seemed to have configured it correctly. Won’t there be a esndfax with putting all these into a single php variable?