turn off Auto mode by switching the Auto switch to Manual. 2. Fill the frame with something white, illuminated by your primary source of light. Expose it so that itʼs . User manual for the device Panasonic AG-HPX Online user manual database. Using the HPX camcorder for the first time. 5 .. The Panasonic AG-HPX a high definition (HD) .. Servo/Manual switch on the LCD side of the camera.

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Records the time at recording. Full Screen Viewing – to easily view the user manual without downloading it to your computeryou can use full-screen viewing mode. Open the cover and adjust the length. Cleaning Cleaning When cleaning, do not use benzene or thinner.


Adjusting the shutter speed continued With artificial lighting and especially fluorescent lights and mercury-vapor lamps, the luminance changes in synchronization with the power line frequency.

Magnifies the center portion of manusl image. Rear Onboard Video Light: What this means is the HPX will tend to look a little less sharp than other camcorders in this range.

The settings of the scene file selected with the scene file dial are returned to the factory settings. Operating maunal Do not allow any water to get into the camera- recorder when using it in the rain or snow or at the beach. One of the nice features you gain when stepping up to a pro level camcorder like the HPX is interoperability with other equipment via standard ports and jacks. Enter text from picture: Got it, manhal to print.

mmanual For details, see page 5. Select a grayed-out volume among volumes of the X. This function compresses the video signal level to extend the dynamic range making it possible to correctly render highlight areas without overexposure and loss of detail that would otherwise occur.

Checking information for user information b: Viewfinder This camera has two viewfinders; one is a miniature LCD in the viewfinder and the other is a retractable 3.


This function compresses the video signal level to extend the dynamic range making it possible to correctly render highlight areas without overexposure and loss of detail that would otherwise occur.

The actual resolution of the panel is poor compared to other camcorders in this price range, but what it lacks in resolution it makes up for in features.

Panasonic AG AG-HPX170 Manuals

At the time going tapeless was still considered a bold gamble, filled with unknown risks such as archiving uncertainty and limited record times. Adjusting the gain When the display is dark, increase the gain to brighten the display.

Adjusting The White Balance Shooting in manual mode continued Adjusting the white balance In order to reproduce the white accurately, adjust the ratio between the three RGB primary colors. Page 19 Lift up the viewfinder, press the side of the card slot cover Aand slide the cover B to open it. Does not perform the Auto Gain Control in auto mode.

Push the Operation lever in the w or q direction to move the yellow frame to the clip to which you will add a shot mark. Before calling for service continued Shooting Cannot start shooting.

MCR Loads the settings in a previously stored user file. Because the HPX holds two cards at once, and the media is hot-swappable, once one card is full, simply eject it and give it to an assistant. Turn off the camera: Setting User Information Setting user information Setting user information allows you to store 8-digit memo information such as the date and time in the hexagonal format on the sub code track area.

No kind of playback operation can be performed unless this lamp is on. For the latest information on the unit and on the memory cards which can be used by this unit, go to the P2 support page at the following web site: Automatically sets the last focus. Select this to display the metadata which has been recorded in the unit.

Expanding the wide end of the lens gives you much more flexibility in your compositions. Cannot dub onto an external device. Store all of these items in a place with low humidity and relatively constant temperature. Please contact either a local or foreign Panasonic authorized service center for assistance in selecting an alternate AC plug.


The lamp lights up and blinks as per the regular specifications.

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The lens controls have a free rotating ring for focus, and a zoom control. Using scene files The settings according to the variety of shooting circumstances are stored in each position of scene file dial. The other nice feature is an LCD flip option that allows you to flip the image in the LCD screen, so that you can use one of the several popular 35mm lens adapters on the market directly.

User information is automatically saved in the memory and retained after you turn off the power. To initialize the user file i. This plays gpx170 about 2 seconds of the video and audio of the most recently recorded clip manyal returning to pause mode.

The Remote Control The remote control Insert the battery Push the catch in the direction shown by arrow A to remove the holder. The iris is controlled one of two ways, primarily as a small rotating knob near the bottom left of the camcorder, or with a flip of a switch you can use the focus ring as an iris control locking the focus in the process. Declaration Of Conformity Model Number: Zoom in Zoom out Gently press the zoom button on the grip to zoom slowly, firmly press to zoom faster.

To initialize the scene file From the 6 scene files, select the one you want to initialize with the scene dial. Push the P2 card eject button to the direction of the arrow, and close the card slot cover. Mamual What to remember when throwing memory cards away or transferring them to others Formatting memory cards or deleting data using the functions of the unit or a computer will merely change the file management information: