Your Hewlett-Packard (HP) scanner can not only scan photos, business cards, letters and other documents, the device is capable of scanning a document. Here are the simple steps for HP Photosmart scan to computer. If you want to Scan Multiple Documents, Use the Option Save and all. Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere! . There’s also no option to print multiple pages on one sheet to save paper or have a smaller.

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I had it now for 1. But if you want a quibble what is the point of signing into ePrint when you can’t use it from inside the app?

I can also print from my photo albums and documents. Better than any other printer we’ve owned.

Compared to previously used compact desktop HP all-in-ones, this one doesn’t impress me. Black just stops working. But as a print utility I don’t expect error messages saying ‘File Type not supported’ when conducting basic tasks. I had the HP now for a mu,tiple and it was cheap to buy but as with most printers the cartridges blow a hole in your budget. Whilst I’ve only bought cheap throwaway type printers in the past, they have all lasted long enough to justify their existence.

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For a full list of supported printers, visit: We have a new one now, gone to photosmaet laser printer, which apparently is better for infrequent printing. Select and switch between printers from the Home screen more quickly and easily. There are support issues dating back years on this issue, it’s a ludicrous snafu. I use my phone to print from my printer a lot and would love to do everything seamlessly from your app without having to research and spend money on others that have the features I need as well as heading back and forth to the website.


Description Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere! People have complained about the high price HP charge for the ink cartridges which I totally agree with. I am photosmagt using the app because iOS print service will only use Tray 1 on my Laserjet which requires manual paper feed.

How to Scan your Documents Using HP PhotoSmart 5520 Printer

Best value for money – The written instructions in the box were confusing. While the features are nice like WiFi enabled and ePrint, I’ve spent more money on ink cartridges than the oages of the printer x3. Let me start by saying there are many good things about this app – I can scan documents directly from my camera on my phone for example which are far clearer than a photo would be Trying to fix it and HP download a ton of bloatware to tell me to use their cartridges but I still can’t get it to scan.

Other improvements and bug fixes. I was attracted to the ability to print from smart phones. Worked well, stopped working, installs bloatware, still not working. There are two options, scan as photo jpeg or as a document PDF. Photosmrat since found they do have models that do, so my fault for not investigating more.

Madhva replied on Nov 02, Fiona replied on Up 14, sfan Geoff parrott asked on Mar 12, Mar Photo smart up printer.

How to Scan your Documents Using HP PhotoSmart Printer

Spend ages over the phone and via the internet determining the there was something wrong with the printer. When I bought this printer it worked well and I liked the duplex capability and wireless access. I can link it to the wifi if need be and sometimes I print via email from my phone. This was quite a clever feature, basically if you can email it you can email it to the printer and it prints it, very good, except when it goes haywire half of the time.

Google Keep – Notes and lists. OMG, if I could send it airmail out the window – I would! I am sure there are better printers out there but scna performance is good and I did not have any problems with it.


‎HP Smart on the App Store

DiDiBu posted on Mar 05, But it’s easy to work out how to do it yourself. So much money on ink! Minor enhancements and bug fixes. When you google the problem it is evident that this is a major fault in the HP printers and I ho never buy HP products ever again!

What seems to happen is the printer seems to go into some sort of suspended animation state and the app comes up with a tick by the printer and an estimate of the state of the cartridges.

I use pagse mainly for normal printing, printing envelopes, scanning documents directly to computer or email and scanning photos.

My old trustworthy HP photosmart C broke down after 7 years of service. On line no good.

There is no mention in the printer paperwork only Windows and Mac. This HP seems to go haywire half of the time and then sometimes even print the first half of say 8 pages then go haywire.

Multile, but not from the touch screen panel on the printer. Do not waste your time! So this machine prints out the alignment page which is a full coloured page and this page has to be scanned to somehow align the print cartridges. I found the instructions to be not so good. Why do they do this? HP Photosmart All-in-One. Can I use a printer with a desk top computer which uses Linux ubuntu operating system? I ended up returning it to the store and purchased another one from another store not sure why.