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Please compress this material to remove any irrelevant or unimportant information. Wipe your saber and leave the battle; For all around on Friedberg’s heights Is far and wide seen no more of our Enemy [4] And calls our Kingto the place we are today: And they [2] also still stand so close together on Friedberg’s height, We could ride them down like spring snow. Prince Charles has appeared on Friedberg’s heights to compare himself with us, the Prussian Army.

This hohenfriwdberger indiscriminately collects miscellaneous information. This page was last edited on hohnefriedberger Augustat Retrieved from ” https: Buckle on your sabre and brace yourself for battle!

Supposedly, the Bayreuther hohenfriedberter regimentwhich was crucial in securing a Prussian victory, reported to its quarters the day after the battle while the march was played. To the Ansbach Dragoons!


This forced Prince Charles of Lorraine to retreat. The first outline piano rendition was written in Views Read Edit View history. For the first time inin celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the battle, the march was given lyrics, “Auf, Ansbach-Dragoner!

hohenfriedbefger Drum, Kinder, seid lustig und allesamt bereit: March by possibly Frederick the Great. In the time of the German Kaiser the title “Hohenfriedberger” was symbolic both on the basis of its connection with the great military victories of Friedrich II and hohsnfriedberger of the authorship of the House of Hohenzollern. It is understood that the king issued to the Bayreuther dragoon regiment a Gnadenbriefor “letter of grace”, that authorized it to play both grenadier marches of the foot soldiers with flutes and drums and the cuirassier marches of the cavalry with kettledrums and trumpet fanfare.

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So, boys, be jolly and all ready to go: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Up, Ansbach – Bayreuth! See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. There are many legends surrounding the origins of the march.


Der Hohenfriedberger – Wikipedia

The speaker is boasting that the close-packed white-coated Austrians would melt away before the Dragoons’ charge like a field of springtime snow. By using this marzch, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Articles with trivia sections from March All articles with trivia sections. The melody appears to be largely derived from The Pappenheimer Marchwhich dates from the earlyth century.

So, boys, be jolly and all ready to go. Commemoration of Battle of Hohenfriedberg Whether the march was actually played then is just as questionable as the claim that Frederick Hohenfriedberegr of Prussia was the composer of the piece.