Imperforate Hymen Presenting with Massive Hematometra and Hematocolpos: A Case Report . Figure 2: Evacuation of hematocolpos and heamatometra. Hematometra a nd Hematocolpos: Ultrasound. Findings. x/79/ lolo. $ JOACHIM. F. SAILER’. An imperforate hymen is the most. A large hematometra and hematocolpos were detected by transabdominal ultrasound scanning. Transabdominal ultrasound depicted a distended uterus 90 mm.

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Netter’s Obstetrics and Gynecology. Overview of bleeding disorders in adolescent females with menorrhagia. Minimal trimming of the edges of the hymen was done hematocoloos prevent defloration.

There can be four possible causes of Hematocolpos [12]. Antibiotics for acute otitis media in children. In addition, it is very important to understand the difference between non- life-threatening bleedings and those requiring emergent intervention [ 4 ]. Intravenous crystalloid infusion for the replacement of the blood volume may be given to a patient with an acute HMB episode which is causing anemia [ 19 ].

The patient and her mother were counseled on the surgical treatment options and the possibility of loss of virginity during the surgery. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Persistent genital arousal disorder. In the present case, sonographic findings demonstrated acquired obstruction of the lower female genital tract, specifically hematometra and hematocolpos. Office Evaluation and Management of the Uterine Cavity. Symptoms and Signs in Pediatric Surgery.

Published online Aug 3. Transabdominal and transrectal ultrasounds can also assist in confirming the diagnosis of imperforate hymen [ hematocklpos ]. Surgery is always indicated when imperforate hymen becomes symptomatic we report the case of an imperforate hymen who presented late with delayed menarche, massive hematocolpos and hematometra.


Uterine bleedings due to obstruction of the lower female genital tract cause proximal dilatation and the occurrence of hematocolpos, hematotrachelos or hematometra are the most common problems defined hematomtera congenital abnormalities [ 456 ].

A 20 cm-sized suprapubic mass, and a bulging pinkish imperforate hymen were found on examination. Treatment of hematotrachelos after dilatation and curettage.


This can be caused by a congenital stenosis of the cervixor by a complication of a surgical treatment. B Transabdominal sonographic view showing the markedly distended vagina measuring She started tablets paracematol mg thrice daily for 4 days when she became fully conscious from the general anesthesia.

Early diagnosis of imperforate hymen in the fetus, newborn or in childhood and timed hymenotomy at menarche would have prevented the complications. Imperforate hymen is a rare congenital malformation of the vagina. A defect on the hymenal barrier can encourage ascending pelvic infection in the accumulated menstrual blood as pelvic inflammatory disease, and pelvic abscess, and this informed the empirical use of antibiotics in our patient [ 3 – 9 hemtaocolpos.

She had been bleeding heavily for 5 days causing a drop in hemoglobin level down to 5. The differential diagnoses of imperforate hymen include vaginal septum, vaginal agenesis, vaginal cyst, ectopic ureter with ureterocele, hymenal cyst and periurethral cyst.

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Although hematometra can often be diagnosed hematocolpo purely on the patient’s history of amenorrhea and cyclic abdominal pain, as well as a palpable pelvic mass on examination, the diagnosis can be confirmed by ultrasoundwhich will show blood pooled in the uterus and an enlargement of the uterine cavity. The urinary bladder was compressed by the fluid. She was pale because of heavy bleeding for 5 days and hemoglobin level was measured as 5.



Antifibrinolytics have been reported to decrease bleeding in about half of the women with HMB and can be administered in combination with contraceptive methods [ 20 ].

It can also develop after female genital mutilation. Miss UG is a year-old girl who was referred to the gynecologic clinic of Enugu State University Teaching Hospital hematocoloos account of eightmonth history of cyclic abdominal pain, delayed menarche, and a threeweek history of lower abdominal swelling.

Eur Hemayocolpos Gynaecol Oncol. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat Coagulated blood bulging outwards from the hymen opening was observed. Look up hematocolpos in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Hematocolpos – Wikipedia

Congenital abnormalities resulting in hematometrocolpos include imperforate hymen, a complete transverse vaginal septum, vaginal and, rarely, cervical atresia [ 789 ]. Planning is very important in the treatment of both acute bleed and its maintenance therapy.

She was discharged on the third postoperative gematometra, and was to be seen in the gynecological clinic in six weeks. Transvaginal sonography in the evaluation of hematometra. Her medical history revealed that 15 days prior to the presentation at the Emergency Department, she had been prescribed a ten-day course of progestogen therapy on request to delay her menstrual cycle.