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Be careful, the snap grid is set to. Test points and connector symbols can have multiple versions which represent the same part. For each created design sheet, hlibgenxmpl makes a. For every port in your symbol that is not an input, place one of the following properties on one of the pins on the port.

HA – HGNB01WMB series components datasheets page H

An exception to this rule occurs in parts with asymmetrical sections. If a pin is common to each of the four sections, it must be given four port names; the port names are all identical. It is a string of no more than 16 alphanumeric characters, beginning with an alphabetic character.

The libraries and components need to be tested before being released to production to ensure that they work properly. The hlibsim library testing utility will not work with the technology-independent libraries. This is kept separate for POWER ground as the switching activity on this can copuple into other ground. The versions of the 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 merge symbols having inputs on 0. This would allow designers to test the design at the backend for signal integrity with the Analysis tool.


Verilog port association rules are not as strict as VHDL.

This structure is also know as the lib-cell-view architecture, where each of the subdirectories, such as chips, entity etc. FTB flow means making a design using Concepthdl editor by instantiating cells of a 5X library and packaging the design thus created using PXL. TMP is the only attribute that is supported. As such you cannot use a comma to express a property value within this part type table.

Asymmetrical sections are supported in the chips. However, they are required as Packager-XL output by some physical design systems. A no-connect, pin-on-body pin. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Library Level Files There exists two other files at the same hierarchy as the individual libraries. However, if the properties are missing, and the entity declaration is not present, HDL Direct might generate an inaccurate entity declaration.

The MSB the most significant bit of the signal is always extended. Binding One Library to Multiple Directories. The part specifics may not be known when entering the schematic. To address such issues, Cadence now provides you with technology independent libraries. Verilog Model for Asymmetrical Parts. Generating Entity Declarations from Symbols Generating an Entity Declaration from Symbols If the parts you are using do not have an entity declaration in the design library and you want to use HDL Direct to generate entity declarations automatically, you can add properties to ensure that an accurate entity declaration is generated.


In case you are using the full Verilog model, you should specify the complete port list, even if the ports are not mapped to any symbol pins.

Concept HDL Libraries Reference |

Pin spacing on bodies should be a minimum of. For parts with a small pin count, you can create this file datasheeh any text editor.

For example, you can add company part number, part description or any in-house or vendor information you require. Lib-Cell-View Architecture The libraries are based on a library-cell-view architecture.

HA7002 – HGN-375B01W-20-2MB datasheets

For example, Netassembler expects the second name in the list to correspond to the second section for every port of the part. Then, NetAssembler is called, which creates a simulation view with a new verilog. This symbol resembles the physical package of an LS In summary, the chips.