How do I access the Web Configuration pages (for HT//)?. Please disconnect all connections to the HT/HT/HT and follow the instructions. Grandstream HandyTone Product Features. – Two FXS (RJ11) ports – Two Ethernet (RJ45) ports – Supports SIP (RFC ), TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP. Grandstream Handytone Setup Guide. ATA; Grandstream Handytone ATA ; Grandstream Handytone ATA; Grandstream handytone ATA

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Handtyone is not a mandatory step but we do recommend that you change the password. The configuration page should appear. If you continue using the website without changing you cookie settings, you consent to the use of these cookies. What hardware revision is my Handytone? Connect the analog touch-tone phone to the HT.: On this sticker will be a note: All user manual for your products can be found here. This field can be found under the FXS port configuration page in the web-gui. Configure your SIP Registration settings as shown below: When receiving a call, the phone connected to the HT simply rings.

Once there is a new hardware revision out in the market, the older revision is no more manufactured or sold. PSTN Pass through port: This value will change the default admin that was used to access the phone menu in step 2 above.


Both FXS ports need a valid sip account registered on the server. Setting up a 3-way conference calling between parties using an HT, A and B is easy: You should see the following login screen: What are the main differences between the 9 models of Handytones? If you would like to use this feature please get in contact with our Grandstream Support for the GS Certificate. You can also get this information under the Status tab of the Web Configuration pages.: Type the web address into a web browser on a local PC.

This website uses cookies in order to give you the very best experience. Our configuration files are encypted with AES. Enter ‘admin’ as the password: You should hear a confirmation message played back to you. What is a dial-plan and how do I configure it? Check these configuration instructions before continuing.

HandyTone Series

Helpdesk Submit and manage your tickets. At the bottom of the device, there will be a white sticker. To test this dial Dial 02 and you should hear the IP Address.

Select dynamically assigned via DHCP from the items below: Route call automatically and transparently to PSTN line according to user configuration. Update the firmware of your Grandstream device to handytonee recommended firmware version. The device will revert back to the default IP mode once the phone is hung up.

Type in the default password admin and press Login. How do I setup a 3-way conference call? This feature is not available on older hardware revision models. When a user dials a handyrone of number the device will refer to the rules in the dial-plan in order to determine how best to connect the call. Set Admin Password to a personal value.


Handytkne it can do: Hadytone I use a repeater with the DP to increase the coverage? Forums Get help from the community. It also serves as a life line in case of power outage.

Handytone users Handytone must be plugged into the LAN and connected to an analogue phone press the button on the Handytone, you should hear a menu prompt announcement on your analogue handtyone. Users can refer to the user manual for more details on how to configure the dial-plan. How do I ensure my calls are directed over the PSTN network and implement a dial plan for specific area codes without dialing a 1 prefix?

HT | Grandstream Networks

The Handyotne cannot be used with a repeater to increase the coverage range. On the HT Rev 1. The phone’s IP Address should appear on the phone’s screen.