Hadith: A Re-evaluation is a book by Kassim Ahmad (or Ahmed). In it he writes that the hadith books in Shia and Sunni Islam were introduced without any. Title, Hadith: A Re-Evaluation. Author, Kassim Ahmad. Publisher, Monotheist Productions International, ISBN, , Length, HADITH. A RE-EVALUATION. By. Kassim Ahmad. Translated from the Malay original by. Syed Akbar Ali. TABLE OF CONTENTS. CHAPTER I Introduction.

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Hadith hqdith historically politically driven, it began during the Sunni-Shia split in which both sides employed the use of hadith to further advance their causes and politics.

Muslims especially need to read the Quran — just to read it in any language of their choice if a translation exists in that language. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged hadithKassim AhmadMalaysiaquran. Till now, everything has failed us. We too can learn from these civilizations, if there is any good to be learnt.

Haziq Asyraf rated it it was ok Apr 22, With news of the recent arrest of Kassim Ahmad for simply expressing his opinion in Malaysia we have uploaded his famous work here.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. What qhmad important is to make each of us communicate directly with the written words of God Himself.

Hadith: A Re-evaluation

Man is always yearning for his real God. Moreover, the Quran pronounced this hxdith as well when God stated several times that the function of the messenger was only to deliver the message. This is no new situation in the history of thought The Muslims, on the other hand, settled into a complacency that would smother them until today and perhaps for some time to come. The Prophet and the Quran were sent as a blessing and a guidance for all haddith.


A little trivia that could potentially dissuade some people from accepting or even entertaining this authors view: It is not binding on us because in it the Prophet applied Quranic principles of administration to seventh century Arab tribal society.

Hadith: A Re-evaluation – Wikipedia

Universal Unity January Language: Ahmac here are the takeaways: Dalam ranah sastera, Ahmac Kassim dikenali sebagai penyair yang tidak sunyi daripada kontroversi apabila menghasilkan puisi, Sidang Roh dan Jalan ke Parlimen padaselain disertasinya, Perwatakan Hang Tuah yang mencabar interpretasi keperwiraan Hang Tuah sehingga mengangkat Hang Jebat, turut mendapat perhatian.

Views Read Edit View history. Nadia rated it it was ok Aug 03, The Quran points out the truth and the right course of action for them to follow.

Prepare to be blown away by Kassim Ahmad. He argues that sectarianism within Islam is caused by such Hadiths, and that if Muslims return to the Quran as the only source for Islam, the Muslims will reunite under one religion as they were once long time ago.

They created the greatest material, intellectual and spiritual civilization at that time. But a few centuries after his death, their religious leaders set up another book, the Talmud, which they followed while ignoring the Torah.

Hadith: A Re-evaluation: Kassim Ahmad: : Books

In it he challenged the traditional interpretation and made the hitherto hero Hang Tuah as nothing more than a palace hack, and elevated the anti-hero Hang Jebat as the true hero, willing to Kassim Ahmad is Malaysia’s foremost thinker and philosopher. Our modern nation-state can study it and learn whatever lessons we can from it. But it would be a Europe that would inherit the mantle from the Muslims. Thus, God commissioned Muhammad to deliver His final Scripture, the Quran, not just to a specific national community but to all mankind.


The history of how Hadith came to be incorporated into Islam is one of the biggest cover-ups that is never taught to Muslims in school or in easily available books, and will be truly disturbing to any Muslim. So what is going to replace this large gap in human society?

Mohd Firdaus marked it as to-read Dec 06, Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. He gives way too much praise to Europe.

He further argues that the hadith were a product of human politics. Paperbackpages. Let us remind ourselves again of the old warning: Hence, why each religion has become divided into multiple sects. A Re-Examination” in which he challenges the infallibility of the purported words of Prophet Muhammad s.

To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth.