modern art, “Towards a Newer Laocoon.”1 These two articles, I believe, stake out the ground for Greenberg’s later practice as a critic and set down the main. Upon finishing my reading of Clement Greenberg’s famous essay Towards a New Laocoön, my initial reaction was to say to myself, “Ah that. Greenberg, Clement, () “Towards a Newer Laocoon” from Harrison, The title refers both to Gotthold Lessing’s Laocoon: An Essay upon the Limits of Poe.

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Greenberg’s widow, Janice van Horne, donated his annotated library of exhibition catalogues and greenbdrg on artists in Greenberg’s collection to the Portland Art Museum. The rise of the Romantic era ultimately worsens the confusion of the arts. Thankfully you’ve unburdened me a bit, thanks! Likewise, very few videogames make good board games.

Clement Greenberg – Wikipedia

Greenberg coined the term Post-Painterly Abstraction to distinguish it from Abstract Expressionismor Painterly Abstractionas Greenberg preferred to call it. Instead, the industry grew alongside its early users, as better hardware, graphics, and sound led to increased realism, sophisticated narrative structures, and adult subject matter.

Or, more broadly, which videogames convey aesthetic, intellectual, or moral worth? In the case of painting, the two-dimensional reality of their facture lead to an increasing emphasis on flatness, in contrast with the illusion of depth commonly found in painting since the Renaissance and the invention of pictorial perspective. This narrative is played out as a struggle of competing forms, where the dominant art of an era dictates the structure and possibilities of the other arts.

Though the analogy is not perfect, compared to the history of film, videogames are still in their early silent era. Home Return if you get lost.

At this point, what is left of painting—language alone?

In particular, he is best remembered for his promotion of the abstract expressionist movement and was among the first published critics to praise the work of painter Jackson Pollock. Greenberg championed this group of painters for their dedication to working through the medium-specific problems of painting, apart from the concerns of representation, Romantic lyricism, or illusionary space.


Writing If you are tired of looking at pictures and video, follow this link to essays, articles, and poetry. Greenberg was portrayed by actor Jeffrey Tambor in the film Pollockabout the life of Jackson Pollock. Retrieved 8 April In each case, after a period of time in which the newly emergent medium stylistically resembled other media e. This inevitably leads to competing or contradictory claims for a single medium.

Poetry also attempted to make itself fractured, as with T. Still, the computer has its limitations. If he is correct, even if he had written with every ounce of intellect against abstraction, it still would have prevailed.

During the next few years, Greenberg travelled the U. Greenberg helped to articulate a concept of medium specificity. Photography Images captured with cameras primarily digital.

Greenberg suggested this process attained a level of “purity” a word he only used within scare quotes that would reveal the truthfulness of the canvasand the two-dimensional aspects of the space flatness.

Since childhood, Greenberg sketched compulsively, until becoming a young adult, when he began to focus laocon literature. Instead, the player is encouraged to work out the system on her own. Thanks again you really cleared things up for me: It marks a clear distinction from film, poetry, dance, or any other art.

Abstract expressionism post-painterly abstraction color field painting.

Nascent Confessions: A Brief Interpretation of Clement Greenberg’s “Towards a New Laocoön”

That generation has uncritically absorbed videogames as a given in their cultural lives. After the devastation and demoralization of World War I, the center of cultural life had shifted laoocoon Paris laocoob New York City, where art-making was bolstered by several progressive policies of the Roosevelt administration and an influx of European immigration. Wolfe argued that these three critics were dominating the world of art with their theories and that, unlike the world of literature in which anyone can buy a book, the art world was controlled by an insular circle of rich laocono, museums and critics with out-sized influence.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page, however, is the substrate for the more miscellaneous of my endeavors. Economically, videogames can no longer be ignored and companies want to tap into its ever-expanding market share.


If a new medium can individuate itself, it shows its value versus the other arts, as it offers something new or different. As Carroll would expect, the medium specificity arguments for videogames are often couched as claims for artistic legitimacy.

Clement Greenberg

They tried to find themselves outside of themselves, and only when they had completely exhausted those options were they able to turn into themselves; they had nowhere else to go. InGreenberg joined Partisan Review as an editor. New media want to become new artforms, and medium specificity claims provide an attractive means for this to happen. A recipe for chocolate cake is never an actual cake, no matter how elegant its description.

Greenberg’s was a bit confusing to me, I didn’t grasp his thoughts too well. Early videogames were created as distractions for university students, or downtime hobbies of scientists and mathematicians. Unlike many modern videogames, there are no tutorials or hints to reveal the rule system beneath the game.

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Here you will find some of my thoughts and those of the people who influence me; the poetry or writings of others; and the sundry writings of my own. Welcome to Nascent Confessions This is the home page for my blogs, which are really more displays of creative work of mine than blogs, per se.

Thus, any medium should be judged accordingly: Apart from the persistent association of games with mindless entertainment, one difficulty plaguing the debate over medium specificity in greengerg is their resistance to a single medium categorization.

Film combines image and sound, yet it is greenbwrg to be a medium in its own right. Wikiquote has quotations related to: